Abbotsford, known as the 'City in the Country', is located east of Aldergrove and between the Fraser River and the American border. The city is named for Harry Abbott, a Western Superintendent of the Canadian Pacific Railway and was named by the Maclure family who were one of the first to settle in the area.

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Map of Things to do in Abbotsford

Abbotsford was first settled when the Royal Engineers surveyed the area during the 1858 gold rush. Yale Road (now Old Yale Road) was built into what is now Abbotsford and settlers began arriving and planting crops such as tobacco and creating pasture for cows to produce milk and butter and has grown with new industries as well as old.

Today, Abbotsford continues its farming traditions with dozens of farms growing product from dairy to berries to tubers to pumpkins to feed for livestock. Some people who live in Abbotsford commute into the city, although many still work in the region - the Abbotsford International Airport makes it easy for visitors to fly in to the city from around the world as well as providing easier transit out of the city for locals.

There are many interesting activities to experience in Abbotsford ranging from historic villages to museums to open spaces such as parks filled with beautiful lakes and forests to mountain top vantage points.

There is something for everyone in Abbotsford for every season and every interest!

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