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Lions Gate Bridge in winter with snow capped mountains in the background Venture Vancouver was conceived when, as avid local adventurers, we wanted to build a comprehensive website on the activities Vancouver and its surrounding area had to offer. Millions of people come to Vancouver, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, to play in "nature's backyard". We therefore have translated our own experiences in British Columbia to this website with the hope of informing people of the activities available ranging from popular tourist attractions to interesting local knowledge.

Vancouver and its surrounding regions have much to offer

This inukshuk standing on a peninsula in the west end off English Bay is a popular tourist attraction The winter months bring skiers from all over the world to ski the nearby mountains (Cypress, Grouse and Seymour) and Whistler, British Columbia's premier ski resort, or to experience alternative winter activities such as snowshoeing, tobogganing, ice skating and even dog sledding.

Summer, spring and fall finds visitors and locals exploring Vancouver's downtown, Stanley Park, North Shore and Greater Vancouver. Hundreds of activities ranging from traversing the famous seawall around downtown Vancouver's perimeter, hiking along the higher elevation hiking trails to the north, exploring the tops of Mount Seymour, Grouse mountain and Cypress mountain, kayaking Vancouver's fjords and inlets or spending a rainy day in the multitude of museums and galleries. Many of these activities are available all year round due to Vancouver's mild climate.

The activities posted, the pictures we have chosen to represent them and the information we have gathered is indicative of our commitment to making your visit tailored to your interests. You can browse through our series of maps ranging from entire districts to specific neighbourhoods of interest and the activities available within them.

Our goal is to give you a Vancouverite's view of this beautiful Canadian city and provide you with the opportunity to plan your vacation the way you want. This is your one stop research website for your visit to Vancouver!

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