Airplane Lookout at Vancouver International Airport, Richmond

The Vancouver International Airport sees dozens of planes landing and taking off each hour on the island adjacent to Richmond, British Columbia. This lookout allows visitors the opportunity to view planes landing - flying low overhead - to the excitement of families and other observers. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Airplane Lookout offers amazing overhead views of planes landing at the YVR Airport.





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Few have been unimpressed by the plane - a method of transportation that seems to defy the laws of gravity itself. These giant metal machines are a source of awe and excitement offering the promise of adventure. The Vancouver International Airport serves thousands of people daily and it is constantly buzzing with planes landing and taking off to the excitement of onlookers. One of the best places to view these jets and twin engine planes landing is the Airport Lookout at the crossroads of Templeton Street and Graurer Road offering viewers the opportunity to see these planes flying low over the Arthur Laing Bridge, over the gravel parking lot and roaring to a stop in the runways beyond - truly an exciting and fun experience for all.

Located on the eastern edge of the Vancouver International Airport, this small gravel area is a popular place to gaze in awe upwards to the jets and twin engine planes passing low overhead.

Although there is an official airport park located on Russ Baker Way, this gravel parking lot alongside the long asphalt road leading to Iona Beach Regional Park has become a popular stop for tourists due to is amazing location and frequent flybys occurring anywhere from five to fifteen minutes apart depending on the time of day, week and year.

Groups of friends, families or even just people who have arrived in the region too early for check in take the opportunity to stop and enjoy the sights; leaning on their cars, listening to the radio and interacting with children or setting up chairs to enjoy the unique experience. Long, warm sunny days see the area's popularity increase tenfold. The shimmering sunsets on especially clear days highlight the planes as they make their way past the onlookers below and onto the runways beyond the fences.

Whether just passing by the area, taking a flight or even just for fun, the Vancouver International Airport air plane lookout is an experience visitors cannot help but enjoy with the excitement of the approach of a plane and the resounding roar as it passes over top.

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The Airport Lookout on the eastern edge of the far runways at the Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, British Columbia offer viewers the chance to see a variety of planes as they soar overhead landing in the region's biggest airport - a thrilling experience for people of all ages.

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Cross Section of Templeton St.and Graurer Rd.

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