Ambleside Park, West Vancouver

Seagulls, pigeons, seals and other creatures eagerly await people coming down the long dock with crap traps and fishing poles in hand. The West Vancouver, Ambleside Park is a popular fishing spot with access to many species and the nearby Capilano River. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The West Vancouver Fishing Wharf in Ambleside Park offers a long dock into the Burrard Inlet which allows for fishing and crabbing.





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Ambleside Park located on fifteen blocks of scenic waterfront in West Vancouver and a popular park which encompasses a variety of activities including walking, bird watching, pitch and putt and seasonal art shows and farmers markets

Ambleside Park is a mixed use waterfront park along West Vancouver.

Honouring its historical roots, the park is filled with cairns and memorials and the old ferry building once used to shuttle passengers and cars across the Burrard Inlet before the construction of the Lion's Gate Bridge.

Visitors to the park can walk along the fifteen block span, see the open air bird sanctuary and its many avian residents (and if you're lucky, one of the many beavers that makes his home in the pond environment), the popular pitch and putt, several dog areas, grassy areas with a variety of fields for soccer, baseball and other sports, and several heritage buildings which house arts and festivals. Local farmers markets are also located in the Park during the harvest season from spring to late fall.

The park begins at the most eastern end of West Vancouver at the mouth of the Capilano River not far from the Park Royal Shopping Center and extends westward, ending at the rocky beaches of Dundarave. The popular 1.7 kilometer Seawalk trail which opened in 1968 to commemorate Canada's 100th birthday is a chance to see English Bay from a different perspective with views of the large tankers waiting to be unloaded, the Stanley Park Seawall and the skyline of Downtown Vancouver. Due to the volume of people on the Seawalk trail, no biking or rollerblading is permitted.

With its large variety of activities ranging from swimming, boating and fishing to walking, running and playing sports, the park is always teeming with people. One of the most popular areas in Ambleside Park is the fishing pier where people gather to fish and crab off the wooden dock. (Read about crabbing in the Lower Mainland here)

Ambleside Park is an excellent place to discover West Vancouver for all ages and fitness levels which continues to entice people to its sunny and scenic shores.

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This comical green crocodile is an example of some of the found art that can be found throughout West Vancouver. A large piece of driftwood was used to create this piece then wedged for the enjoyment of people walking along the Ambleside Park trail in West Vancouver.
Ambleside Park terminates its fifteen block stretch at Dundarave, a small cluster of buildings and shops. The end park encompasses a playground, seating, a wharf and swimming as well as a picturesque view of the Burrard Inlet,
The Ferry terminal building on the edge of Ambleside Park now holds a small collection of art, previous to this, it was a ticket office and housed travellers waiting for the West Vancouver ferry for passage to the downtown before the existence of the Lion's Gate Bridge.
The Ambleside Park Fishing Wharf in West Vancouver is a popular place to find eager sport fishers trying their luck to catch 'the big one' as well as many birds, seals and other crafty creatures waiting for the same.
Seals are popular ocean animals with curiosities to match their inquisitive features. Popping up around the Ambleside Fishing Wharf, they look for stray bits to snack on and watch their curious onlookers as they dive, resurface and slide effortlessly through the waters around West Vancouver.
The fifteen block Ambleside Park seawall is a scenic walk along West Vancouver's Coast. Many sights such as the Lion's Gate Bridge, the Old Ferry Building, the Fishing Wharf and Stanley Park can be seen along this popular trail.

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Stretches from the entrance by Park Royal through Ambleside to the end in Dundarave

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