Baden-Powell Trail, North Shore

The Baden-Powell Trail is the longest hike on the North Shore stretching from Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver to Deep Cover, North Vancouver. Old Signposts and well marked trails help keep avid hikers on the path as it negotiated a variety of terrain. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

This old signpost marks an entrance into the Baden-Powell Trail. A popular North Shore Hike, it is well marked due to its long length.





Spring, Summer, Fall


Overcast, Clear, Sunny, Calm, Not Raining


3 hours



What to bring:

Camera, Binoculars, Drink, Snack, Waterproof Clothing

The Baden-Powell Trail, stretching from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to Deep Cove in North Vancouver is the North Shore's longest and most scenic hiking trail - climbing to the peak of Black Mountain, over the Capilano River, cutting across the Grouse Grind, weaving through Lynn Canyon and alongside Indian Arm. With forty-two kilometres of trail, users can choose a short walk or a whole day hike to tackle the entire length depending on physical ability and endurance.

The longest spanning trail on the North Shore, the Baden-Powell Trail begins in North Vancouver's Deep Cove and ends in West Vancouver's Horseshoe Bay (or vice versa). Stretching 42 kilometres long it can be traveled in short sections or for the ambitious, the entire trail in a whole day. The trail is a favourite weekend challenge for hiking enthusiasts.

The trail is named for Lord Baden-Powell the founder of the world Boy Scout movement who introduced his survival techniques and joy of the outdoors in a book titled "Aids to Scouting", which were notes he made when training recruits during the wars in Africa in the late 1800s.

The trail offers spectacular views along the western portion in the Black Mountain region and of Indian Arm in the eastern part of the trail. The popularity of the trail is unsurprising as it is accessible from dozens of points and passed by several unique points of interest. These include the aforementioned views, crossing the Capilano River which separates West and North Vancouver at the Capilano River Regional Park, winding up part of the famous Grouse Grind, and hiking through Lynn Valley Canyon.

It is advisable to dress for the weather and be aware that bears and other wildlife can frequent the trail. Snow stays at the highest point of the trail (Black mountain) well throughout spring and sometimes into the summer.

There is an annual run which people can sign up for along the Baden-Powell Trail named the Knee Knackering North Shore Run (or the Knee Knacker, named for the steep uphill rock slope contestants climb on the west side of the trail). Thankfully, once you have passed the peak of Black Mountain the rest of the trail is more or less downhill.

Whether you are hiking a part of the trail or the entire length, the Baden-Powell Trail is sure to impress any hiker, from novice to expert.

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West Vancouver is the starting point for the famous Baden-Powell Trail, a forty-two kilometre trail linking Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove. This popular trip comes across many attractions such as the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, Cypress Provincial Park and the Capilano Regional Park.

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Starting points throughout the North Shore - main west to east points are Horseshoe Bay (W.Van) or Deep Cove (N.Van)

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