Barnet Marine Park, Burnaby

The Old Burner which is located off the shores of Burnaby, British Columbia's only salt water beach is a remnant of the area's prior use as a logging and sawmill camp. The mountain behind was once bare as it was logged and the trees taken to the mill and then down Indian Arm to the main ports in Vancouver to be shipped around the world. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The old burner at Barnet Marine Park is a remnant of the mill that once stood on its shores.





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Located alongside the Barnet Highway, this large park on Indian Arm was once a thriving village which supported the once prosperous lumber mill which was located there for most of the early 20th century. Now, all that remains are thousands of bricks along the western beaches, the remnants of the smoke stack and a concrete structure. The Park encompasses picnic tables, a trail along the water, docks and beaches. Located along the highway that shares its name, Barnet Marine Park is both a historical adventure and a great place to enjoy the day.

Barnet Marine Park, just off the Barnet Highway is a long and narrow Park sandwiched between the railway tracks and Indian Arm. A popular summer destination, visitors can enjoy lunch at one of the dozens of picnic tables strewn throughout the park or spread out a blanket and umbrella at the beaches while enjoying views of the fjord, tankers and other marine vessels sailing by. The nearby pier is popular with fishers and crabbers and the grassy lawn is also a welcome spot to sit and enjoy the park.

Barnet Marine Park is best known for its historic remnants that once were a small community and one of the largest lumber mills in the region. The skeleton of the scrap burner is now a recognized heritage site sitting on a dock where visitors can roam through the dilapidated brick structure and one of the mil structures still sits among picnic tables. Thousands of bricks from the old buildings create the shore along the western edge of the Park - most still falling from the remnants of the mill.

One thing to be aware of is the limited parking available on site. All parking is located before the railways tracks - visitors must park in the three parking lots - the road continues over the tracks but only handicapped parking and short term off loading is permitted. Visitors to the park can take a short path along the road to the eastern edge or the bridge which goes over the railway tracks and leads to the old burner.

A tranquil Park with plenty to see and enjoy, Barnet Marine Park on the foreshores of Indian Arm in Burnaby is the city's only saltwater beach and is a popular and interesting place to explore throughout the year.

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Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby, British Columbia spans along the shores of Indian arm taking visitors along tree shaded and grass lined pathways beside the water and along historical landmarks such as the remnants of the old mill and burner. The pathways throughout the park are interesting to explore anytime of the year.
Burnaby, British Columbia only has one saltwater beach along its shores. Barnet Marine Park located on the northern edge of the city in the shadow of Burnaby Mountain sees visitors throughout the year exploring the Park's history as well as its shores along Indian Arm with trails, sandy beaches and a pier to crab, fish on as well as enjoy the views.
Located on a small concrete walkway, above the saltwater shores of Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby, British Columbia is the burner from the mill which was once located on the shores of Indian Arm. Logging trees from the surrounding area, a small village soon sprung up - now, only the burner remains, part of the area's interesting history.
Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby, British Columbia is the city's only saltwater beach with historical landmarks from its logging industry, piers and views of the Indian Arm fjord.

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Go along the Barnet Highway and follow the signs to the Marine Park located behind Burnaby Mountain - park at one of the three lots before the railway tracks

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