Beaver Lake, Stanley Park

This mother duck and her two ducklings are learning to navigate the waters of Beaver Lake. Teaching the skills of survival to her babies is an important role to preserving the Mallard population in the Park and thrilling visitors who view the new ducklings at Beaver Lake. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Spring at Beaver Lake sees many new additions to the park such as ducklings following their mothers and learning how to navigate the Park.





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Camera, Binoculars, Hiking Boots, Bird Book, Plant Identification Book

Stanley Park's interior oasis is Beaver Lake, a beautiful wilderness full of trees, animals and plants, creating a serene place to enjoy the Park at its finest. Its allure is its seclusion from vehicular traffic - there are no roadways or parking lots nearby - therefore, all traffic to this section of Stanley Park requires walking or biking. A popular scenic area, naturalists and onlookers come throughout the year to enjoy the ducks waddling along the pathways or to discover evidence of the Beaver who lives in the Lake. Beaver Lake is a quiet and reflective space in Stanley Park, shutting out the surrounding city and crowds and opting to emphasize the Park's first priority - preserving the space for future generations.

Beaver lake is an interesting interior walk within Stanley Park and is a suggested stop for any person able to hike the steep trail to it.

Encompassing a large brood of ducks within its confines and many water plant species not seen in the larger man-made Lost Lagoon, it is a popular place for photographers and naturalists enjoying the surrounding environment.

Cattails, lily pads and other plant varieties create a serene and beautiful locale which does not have a lot of human traffic due to the popularity of the seawall, but is one of Stanley Park's lush and more inviting interior spaces.

The beaver lake trail also circles the lake taking visitors around the lake's picturesque shoreline and through newer stands of forest surrounding it.

Many animal species can also be spotted here - its namesake is rare but sometimes seen looking for new trees to fell and many bird species have made their home on, around and above the lake due to its central location which shelters from wind, rain and most other undesirable weather. Turtles and other water loving creatures can be spotted as well as many thousands of bug species.

A great leisurely stroll, bring along some nature identification books and explore this beautiful lake.

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Photo and Image Gallery

The gnawed tree shows fresh evidence of the Beaver in Beaver Lake, Stanley Park. Cataloguing sighting of new activity is important to the Park to keep track of the rare species, such as the Beavers, to ensure their survival in this urban natural oasis.
Beaver Lake has seen a reemergence of its Beaver population. Evidence of its residence can be seen through freshly chewed trees along the edge of the Lake or by its Lodge which sits in the middle of Beaver Lake, functioning as its home.
Beaver Lake teems with dozens of bird species, taking advantage of this rare interior water space in the middle of the city. Mallard Ducks are prominent in the lake as they nest and rest along its shore throughout the year.
Beaver Lake, situated in the central interior of Stanley Park is a popular birding and animal watching site. Enclosed in the Park's forest, it encompasses a large lake, beaver lodge, lily pads and other swamp species as well as a walk that circles the entire lake.

Location of Beaver Lake in the Center of Stanley Park

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Follow the trail markers from the Eastern edge of the Park. You must hike through the interior to get to this Park Site.
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