Belcarra Pier and Beach, Belcarra

Visitors to the Belcarra Pier located on the shores of the area's small beach and adjoining Park in Belcarra, British Columbia is a popular locale during the warmer months as visitors enjoy long days of exploring the shoreline, having picnics or trying their luck at fishing or crabbing from the pier and floating dock. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Belcarra Pier is a popular locale for fishers and crabbers looking for a delicious west coast meal.





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Visitors to this small park and adjoining beach can appreciate the small town atmosphere of Belcarra. Here, family picnics, children playing and people enjoying a quiet day is an everyday occurrence in the summer months. The nearby pier and attached floating dock is filled with Crabbing and Fishing enthusiasts hoping to catch the evening's dinner. The area's quiet, family friendly atmosphere is a perfect weekend destination for fun and exploration.

Located along the picturesque shores of Belcarra, the beach and pier located alongside the Belcarra Regional Park are a popular destination. In the warmer months visitors fill the grassy park having picnics, enjoying the scenery, exploring the small beach and crabbing or fishing.

Crabbing is very popular at the Belcarra Beach Pier and remember that you will need a saltwater license for both crabbing and fishing off this pier. Also be sure to limit your catch to the two species which are permitted to catch and consume (Dungeness Crab and Red Rock Crab). Crabbers can find specific rules and regulations, equipment needed and other information on the Fisheries and Ocean Canada website. (Read about crabbing in the Lower Mainland here)

Visitors can swim in the summer months and enjoy the underwater world as the shoreline is popular with divers in the Vancouver Region. Adjacent to Indian Arm, boats can be seen criss crossing the wide channel and the small village of Deep Cove can be seen from the pier. Keep an eye on the water as tricky seals enjoy stealing bait from the crab pots.

Belcarra Beach, is a small park and can be enjoyed year round but is most popular during the summer months. Be sure to bring a picnic and enjoy the nearby amenities as well as try your hand at crabbing on the pier and floating dock.

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Belcarra, British Columbia is located on a peninsula on Indian Arm. This salt-water body of water brings many people to its piers and beaches especially to crab and fish. The Belcarra Pier has many people throwing in their crab pots, seals sealing bait and people catching the evening's dinner.
Crabbing is a popular activity on the pier in the village of Belcarra, British Columbia. Two species are allowed to be crabbed from the waterways along British Columbia, Dungeness and Red Rock. Other species such as Spider Crabs can also also be found but are not edible.
The Pier in Belcarra, British Columbia looks onto Indian Arm, across to Deep Cove and the North Shore Mountains and back towards the Village of Belcarra. The pier is a popular locale for visitors enjoying the view as well as people crabbing and fishing.
Belcarra Pier in Belcarra, British Columbia is a popular locale with an adjoining beach and nearby access to Belcarra Regional Park. The Pier is an ideal crabbing and fishing locale, especially in the summer months.

Location of Belcarra Pier and Beach at the Start of Indian Arm

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Belcarra Beach is located at the corner of Midden Street and Belcarra Bay Road in Belcarra.

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Belcarra Pier and Beach at the Start of Indian Arm