Blackie Spit Park, Surrey

Visitors to Blackie Spit Park in the borough of Crescent Beach in Surrey, British Columbia can expect to find amazing views of Boundary Bay, the Cascade Mountain Range and the surrounding wilderness. A popular birding site, the Park also offers trails, gardens and other amenities year round. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Blackie Spit Park located on Boundary Bay is a popular birding area especially during the Spring and Fall migrations.



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Blackie Spit Park which lies on the western edge of South Surrey has several trails, beaches and other amenities. The region is best known for bird watching as thousands numbering over 200 different species migrate through the area each year during Fall and Spring. The beauty of the region and the spectacular views bring hundreds of people to the shores of Blackie Spit Park where it teaches visitors about the sensitive salt marsh ecosystem and provides a place to experience and enjoy.

Blackie Spit Park located in the Crescent Beach borough of Surrey, British Columbia lies on the shores of Boundary Bay. The unique flatlands habitat sees over two hundred species of birds living around or migrating through annually.

The Park is named after Walter Blackie who was also New Westminster's first blacksmith and previously owned this section of Crescent Beach. The Spit is composed mostly of gravel with grassy and marshy brush further up from the shoreline. Its unique composition was formed during the last ice age and shaped by centuries of erosion from the tidal activity of Boundary Bay.

The Spit is best known for its spectacular birdwatching although the Park also encompasses several trails, off-leash dog areas, gardens and other amenities as well as the Savenye Environmentally Sensitive Area which is off limits to visitors. The Park is popular throughout the year but is most busy during the Spring (March to May) and Fall (August to October) migrations where many birds take refuge during their long journeys up and down the coast. Species such as Eagles, Ducks, Herons and others can be spotted in the region year round. Other wildlife such as seals can be spotted in the sand bars not far from shore and a multitude of other land and ocean creatures call Blackie Spit Park home.

Blackie Spit Park is an important ecologically sensitive region important to migrating birds as well as other wildlife. The salt-water marsh habitat is very fragile and visitors are asked to refrain from stepping off the designated trails. The Parkland provides a place for people and nature to coexist and enjoy spectacular views of the bay, mountains and shore.

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Blackie Spit Park in Surrey, British Columbia is a well known birding area on the shores of Boundary Bay and its classification as environmentally sensitive as well as small artworks along the trails show the love for birds many visitors have.
Blackie Spit Park in Surrey, Brtish Columbia offers a large map to show people the different amenities and activities found in the park such as washrooms, trails, off leash areas and the environmentally sensitive zone which is home to many birds and wildlife and are a stop for millions of birds during their migrations.
Blackie Spit is a popular year round park in Surrey, British Columbia on the edge of boundary bay offering bird watching, trails, views, gardens and seating. Visitors who come to the Park can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and interesting habitats which entice many birds throughout the year and especially during the Fall and Spring migrations.
Blackie Spit Park in Surrey, British Columbia is a popular bird watching area - especially during the Spring and Fall Migrations but also has trails, off leash areas and other amenities for visitors to enjoy.

Location of Blackie Spit Park, Surrey

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From Crescent Road turn onto Sullivan Street. Continue down and turn north onto McBride Avenue. At the end of this street are Blackie Spit and Crescent Beach.

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