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Hummingbirds at Stanley Park's Lost Lagoon!

Keep your eyes wide open as you walk around your local parks (or even if you are just sitting in your own backyard) because some of Vancouver's tiniest avian residents are back! Flitting from flower to flower in search of nectar, Anna's Hummingbird are one of the many species of hummingbird which can be found in British Columbia and are common in gardens, parks, along streams and open woodland! There beautiful birds are known for their hovering flying method (and tiny stature) and are truly amazing to watch as their long tongues suck up nectar from flowers!

Hummingbird resting on a branch at the Lost Lagoon in Stanley ParkSpring brings many birds back to Stanley Park to nest - including Anna's Hummingbirds! Hummingbird feeding on nectar at the Lost Lagoon in Stanley ParkAnna's Hummingbird at the Lost Lagoon in Stanley ParkHummingbird stretching for some delicious nectar at the Lost Lagoon.Hummingbird sitting and drinking nectar at the Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park.Yesterday the birds returned, flitting from flower to flower looking for nectar - these tiny birds are amazing to watch - however, respect their territory and keep your distance!

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