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November 7: National Railway Day

On November 7, 2010 the Federal Government of Canada announced November 7th to be National Railway day in Canada in celebration of the 125th year since the final spike was driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) at Craigellachie, British Columbia connecting Canada from coast to coast on November 7, 1885. Celebrate British Columbia's railway history at one of the many significant railway sites and activities throughout the Province!

November 7 is National Railway Day across Canada! Celebrate at British Columbia's many railway themed locales and activities.VANCOUVER
ENGINE 374 PAVILION | Year Round | Sun-Sat: 10:00am - 4:00pm | Roundhouse Community Centre: Corner of Davie and Pacific Streets, Vancouver (map) | Donation | On May 23, 1887 the very first transcontinental train pulled into the city of Vancouver - marking the first coast to coast trip by rail. Engine 374 which pulled the train was fully restored and can now be seen on display at the Yaletown Roundhouse. | Website

WEST COAST RAILWAY HERITAGE PARK | Year Round | Sun-Sat: 10:00am - 5:00pm | Free - $15 | 39645 Government Road, Squamish (map) | Explore British Columbia's railway history at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park which has model trains, restored engines and cars, a miniature train and much more! | Website

OTHELLO TUNNELS (COQUIHALLA CANYON PROVINCIAL PARK) | Spring - Fall | Dawn - Dusk | Off Highway #5, north of Hope (map) | Visit the World's most expensive stretch of railway! The CPR hand carved the five Othello Tunnels through the Coquihalla Gorge. Visitors can walk on the trail which was once part of the Kettle Valley Railway. | Website

KETTLE VALLEY STEAM RAILWAY | Dates and Times Vary (link) | Prarie Valley Station, Summerland (map) | $13 - $21 | Built between 1910-1915, the Craigellachie, British Columbia is where the Last Spike of the Transcontinental railway was hammered in on November 7, 1885.Kettle Valley Railway was built as a link between Vancouver and the Kootaneys. Ride a section of this historic railway overlooking British Columbia's Okanagan region! | Website
MYRA CANYON (MYRA-BELLEVUE PROVINCIAL PARK) | Spring - Fall | Dawn-Dusk | Myra Station Parking Lot or Ruth Station Parking Lot, Kelowna (map) | Walk or Bike the Myra Canyon, a spectacular section of the Kettle Valley Railway which was converted into a 24 kilometre trail over British Columbia's Okanagan region. Cross the 18 trestles and make your way through its two tunnels - a spectacular must-visit locale. | Website

REVELSTOKE RAILWAY MUSEUM | Dates and Times Vary (link) | 719 Track Street West, Revelstoke (map) | Free - $10 | Discover Canada's railway heritage at the Revelstoke Railway Museum! Learn about the building of the railway, the workers and its current operation. Also visit nearby Craigellachie where the last spike was driven in! | Website

SPIRAL TUNNELS (YOHO NATIONAL PARK) | Year Round | Dawn - Dusk | A Lookout along the Trans Canada Highway located near Field, British Columbia (map) | Park Fees Apply | Originally Big Hill was connected by a steep stretch of dangerous railway which was later redesigned to the Spiral Tunnels which loops through two mountains - an amazing feat of engineering which can be seen from the Trans Canada Highway. | Website

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