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TUESDAY, MAY 25, 2010

Hike or Bike Port Moody's Shoreline Trail

Hiking is a great (free!) activity in the Lower Mainland and offers the chance to soak up some of British Columbia's beautiful forests, creeks and mountains. Why not check out Port Moody's picturesque Shoreline Trail which circles its tidal bay and offers three kilometres of trail alongside its shores, through forests, grasslands and creeks, over boardwalks, bridges and to points of interest all of which make it an ideal place to hike or bike year round!

The Shoreline Trail in Port Moody, British Columbia overlooks the bay, its mudflats, marshes and forests. Port Moody offers visitors the chance to see explore its Parks via its Shoreline Trail which connects Port Moody's six waterfront parks: Rocky Point, Inlet, Town Centre, Shoreline, Old Orchard and Tidal Park. Enjoy views of the tidal bay which becomes a mudflat at low tide, forested trails, marsh and grassland, boardwalks and views of the surrounding mountains:

  • LOCATION: From Rocky Point Park to Old Orchard Park, Port Moody (map)
  • DISTANCE: 3km (one way)
  • TIME: Allow 2 hours
  • POINTS OF INTEREST: Pier at Rocky Point Park, remnants of shipwreck at Inlet Park, narrow boardwalks at Inlet and Old Mills Parks and Noons Creek Hatchery at Old Mills Park. There are also several viewpoints. [Trail Map]
  • OTHER INFORMATION: The Shoreline Trail offers both cycling and hiking opportunities with many access points along its three kilometre route. The outer paved trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail while the inner trail is narrower with boardwalks and bridges and is only for hikers.

The pier at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, British Columbia along the Shoreline Trail offers views of the bay, mountains and parks.

There are several narrow boardwalks to cross over marshlands along the Shoreline Trail in Port Moody, British Columbia.

Hikers can see the remnants of an old ship which was beached on the shallow shores of the bay along the Shoreline Trail in Port Moody, British Columbia.

Cyclists have the opportunity to cycle the Shoreline Trail in Port Moody, British Columbia which is also a section of the Trans Canada Trail.

The Noons Creek Fish Hatchery along the Shoreline Trail in Port Moody, British Columbia is a great place to learn about Salmon spawning.

Old Orchard Park - the end of the Shoreline Trail in Port Moody, British Columbia offers beautiful views of the bay and city.

Gnarled branches create interesting pathways along the Shoreline Trail in Port Moody, British Columbia.

The tidal mudflats along Port Moody, British Columbia's Shoreline Park offer spectacular views and opportunities to see birds feasting on newly uncovered food.

Looking for more great hikes? You can also check out the Norvan Falls Hike in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park in North Vancouver

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