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The UBC Botanical Gardens in Vancouver offer a variety of means of gardening - including the use of vertical space. Many rock outcroppings have been planted to maximize the space used to showcase the many plant species found within the Gardens. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

These purple flowers are anchored to the rocks along the pathways creating a beautiful atmosphere in the UBC Botanical Gardens.





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Along the coastal oceanic ridge of the University of British Columbia Point Grey Campus is the regions largest garden, the UBC Botanical Garden - open year round for visitors to enjoy the over 8,000 species of plants found within its 110 acre space. Established in 1916, this garden has become a centre of research, beautification and public enjoyment offering views of a variety of garden types such as Alpine, Carolinian, Native and even a Winter themed garden. Popular in the growing season - Spring, Summer and Fall - the splash of colours and variety of species draws out professional and amateur photographers, horticulturists, families and individuals looking for a place to enjoy some of the most beautiful gardens in the Vancouver Region, exploring the many learning experiences found within the garden such as the Canopy Walkway taking visitors over the forest floor to explore the surrounding environment in a whole new perspective.

Vancouver, known for its exceptional gardens and prime growing conditions is a hub of activity in the horticultural community. One Garden in the Vancouver area is well known for its innovative plants and sprawling design - the University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens.

Operating as a public gardens and centre of plant research, it was first established on the school's grounds in 1916 - the oldest of its kind on the grounds of a University. It covers 44 hectares (110 acres) of space with over 8,000 varieties of plant species, walks and sights.

The Botanical Gardens operates on two sides of SW Marine Drive which intersects it - connected by the Moon Gate - a startlingly beautiful Asian inspired entrance which visitors move between the two regions which offers on the north side, a designed multi-layered region with different garden forms and to the south, sprawling natural growth.

The UBC Botanical Gardens encompass an Asian gardens, dozens of rhododendron plants, tall trees (even one occupied by an eagle), Alpine Gardens, a 'Food Garden' (utilizing the space to grow fruits and vegetable which are donated to local charities), Medicinal Garden, Carolinian Forests, Native Gardens, Marshlands and even forms of art such as the Minotaur sculpture and even an old English turf labyrinth which are intricate designs worn into the land.

There is more than just plants on site - the Garden Pavilion offers a place to host parties and there is a large on site garden shop which sells many of the plant species seen in the Botanical Gardens as well as tools, books and other items. The Gardens offer guided canopy tours which knowledgeable staff taking groups along the treetops teaching visitors about the gardens and forests which surround them.

The UBC Botanical Gardens are both educational and enjoyable. Open throughout the year, the Gardens are child friendly - offering a walk tailored to teaching children - and offer a quiet retreat to enjoy the beautiful plant species on site. The UBC Botanical Gardens are also operated in tandem with the Nitobe Memorial Gardens also located on the campus.

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There are two garden areas found within the Botanical Gardens at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver - the south gardens, manicured and defined and the north which offer pathways and a more naturalistic approach of gardening including many found materials, such as wood chips to create the pathways enjoyed by visitors to the Gardens.
The UBC Botanical Gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia are full of thousands of varieties of plants. Visual interest is also an important part to the Gardens as many art pieces created by the students attending the University have been placed throughout the area involving the students and staff in the creation and continued design of the area.
Located in the University of British Columbia Campus, the Botanical Gardens offer a variety of gardens to explore, both native and non-native species. Preservation and education of the plant world is an integral part to the Gardens and the Canopy Walk - metal walkways through the treetops, offer a view of the forest below as a guide teaches visitors about the importance of the West Coast forest.
The Moon Gate is the tunnel passageway from the main gardens on the south side of SW Marine Dr. to the Northern gardens. This Chinese themed red and brown coloured gate is one of many art pieces found within the UBC Botanical Gardens.

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6804 SW Marine Drive
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