Boundary Bay Regional Park, Delta

The Dyke Trail along Boundary Bay in Delta, British Columbia stretches from Boundary Bay Regional Park and ends near Mud Bay. The long, flat trail is perfect for enjoying the view, spotting birds of prey and experiencing the bay from its shores. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Dyke Trail stretches from Boundary Bay Regional Park taking visitors along muddy shores, flying birds of prey and views.





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Offering a wide range of activities throughout the year, Boundary Bay Regional Park is an ideal location in the region of Tsawwassen in Delta. In Winter, avid birders descend on the park and its 16.4 kilometre dyke trail to see the largest concentrations of raptors in Canada while summer brings hikers, horseback riders, cyclists and beach goers. With its beautiful views and spectacular low tide, Boundary Bay Regional Park and Centennial Beach are must-visits in Southern British Columbia.

Located on the edge of Tsawwassen, a section of the Corporation of Delta, Boundary Bay Regional Park sits on the most southerly edge of Canada along the 49th parallel beside Point Roberts, USA.

Visitors to Boundary Bay Regional Park can enjoy many activities throughout the year. The Park offers a large network of trails (map) which wind through the south-western section of the park supporting equestrian riding, cycling and hiking. Centennial Beach located within Boundary Bay Regional Park at its most southerly point is a popular summer locale with warm, shallow waters and views of snow-capped mountains and the city of Surrey. Low tide is one of the most interesting events along the shoreline of Boundary Bay Regional Park as the beach is so shallow the water recedes several hundred feet away also bringing hundreds of birds seeking food and curious beach goers combing for ocean treasures or exploring the shallow tide pools.

Boundary Bay Regional Park is also a popular bird watching area and hosts Canada's largest population of wintering Birds of Prey. The area is also recognized around the world as one of the most important stops on the Pacific Flyway - the Spring and Fall migration of thousands of birds. The most popular birding times are between September and April with the highest concentration of unique species from September to October.

Boundary Bay Regional Park offers something for everyone throughout the year. Avid birders mingle with equestrian riders, cyclists and beach goers while enjoying the beautiful views. The Park provides an interesting place to enjoy and explore the 250 square kilometre biome of seashore, inter-tidal mud flats, estuaries, salt marshes and grasslands.

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There are several entrances into the Boundary Bay Dyke Trail which stretches from Boundary Bay Regional Park to Mud Bay in Dela, British Columbia. The trail stretches 16.4 kilometres along the shoreline and can be entered through several points such as 72nd Street.
There are several trails that wind throughout Boundary Bay Regional Park in Delta, British Columbia for people to enjoy which support hiking, biding, equestrian riding and cycling. Park visitors can explore the Park's varied ecosystems from its shoreline to its beaches, to its grasslands, marshes and its forests.
Boundary Bay Regional Park in Delta, British Columbia offers many hiking trails to explore over the different ecosystems found throughout the region. Gravel pathways, beaches and boardwalks and lookouts offer spectacular views and a close look at the flora and fauna that live in the Park.
Piles of driftwood, blue waters and the distant outlines of far off cities and snow-capped mountains are a few of the spectacular views visible from Boundary Bay Regional Park in Delta, British Columbia for visitors to enjoy year round.
Visitors to Boundary Bay Regional Park in Delta, British Columbia can see many different birds and animals such as hares and rabbits which can be seen throughout the Park and are curious, watching hikers as they pass by on the trails.
Boundary Bay Regional Park located in Tsawwassen, a region of Delta, British Columbia offers hiking, cycling, bird watching, beaches and swimming and borders Point Roberts, a small peninsula of the United States of America.

Location of Boundary Bay Regional Park and Centennial Beach

Use the interactive map below to locate and explore the areas around Boundary Bay Regional Park and Centennial Beach

From 17, take 56th Street South to 12th Avenue and turn East. 12th will change into Boundary Road and follow it until reach Centennial Parkway. Go East until you reach the parking lot.

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