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Scenic view from one of the higher points on Bowen Island  with Vancouver mainland  in the background. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The view from the top of Bowen Island overlooking Snug cove, the Straight of Georgia and Cypress Provincial Park.





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Bowen Island, a small island off the mainland is a popular day trip locale with many interesting and interactive activities. Accessible only by ferry, visitors can drive, bike or walk the Island which has many beaches, hikes and Parks to enjoy.

Six kilometres away from the mainland is Bowen Island, a popular vacation island filled with cabins, deer, beaches, bike trails, parks and forests. Approximately twelve by six kilometres, the island offers a variety of activities - accommodations can be sparse so most people travel to the island for day trips. Shopping choices are also limited as all the general stores, shops and restaurants are locally owned and located near the Sung Cove Ferry terminal and the upper plaza.

It is a perfect blend of small town comfort and beautiful outdoor spaces with the rugged coast - the stone laden beaches are popular spots to overturn rocks to find a cornucopia of sea life such as eels, an assortment of different coloured starfish, crabs and echinoderms. The interior of the island is home to a large park circling the freshwater Killarney Lake. Amongst the cabins and residential homes are many paths some leading to the summit of the island and others to popular trails and lookouts.

The Island supports cycling, jogging, hiking, golf, beach combing and a variety of other activities. Kayaking is a popular way to see the entire shore of the island and its beautiful cabins. Rentals are available in Snug Cove. The summer months see the highest volume of people visiting Bowen Island - people routinely bring bikes onto the ferry and ride through the island during the day and return at night, forfeiting the use of a vehicle to get around this small island.

Not connected by any roadway, the Island's residents and visitors use the Bowen Island Ferry, one of the smallest in the Province's fleet, to transport people from the mainland and back (the ride takes approximately twenty minutes). There is also public mooring for private boats and water taxis that can be taken to visit the Island.

Bowen Island is a familiar place to many movie goers as it has been featured in over two dozen films. Horror enthusiasts will remember it from The Fog, Disturbing Behaviour, as well as the Wickerman and A Tale of Two Sisters.

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Photo and Image Gallery

The Union Steamship Company Store is one of the most historic buildings on Bowen Island, British Columbia which was owned by the Union Steamship Company which offered holiday excursions during the 1900s to the Island and owned and operated over 180 cottages for visitors to rent while on vacation to the Island.
The small town on Bowen Island is almost exclusively in Snug Harbour where the ferry docks. The restaurants and shops are the only places to shop on the island and have many beautiful features such as this pergola with ivy.
One of the largest parks on Bowen Island surrounds Killarney Lake - a freshwater lake in the middle of the island. Filled with bogs, trees, beaches trails and a variety of natural stops, the trail surrounding the lake is a wonderful experience.
Exploring the many rocky beaches Bowen Island has to offer is an experience unlike anywhere else. The quiet shores are full of life. Eels, crabs and starfish (as well as other wildlife) can be spotted, a great place for people of all ages to experience the West Coast.
Bowen Island just off the coast of mainland West Vancouver is a beautiful space with forests, beaches and lakes - filled with many seasonal residences. The Rocky beaches are teeming with life and are the start for many new creatures such as this starfish.
Boaters can visit the Snug Cove Marina at Bowen Island in British Columbia and moor their boats for a few hours to explore and enjoy the Island, and its many shops and restaurants. Visitors can also watch the Bowen Island Ferry arrive and depart from the nearby terminal.
There are several public beaches for visitors to enjoy and explore on Bowen Island, British Columbia which offer a place to explore, overturn rocks, enjoy the spectacular views and watch ferries come and go from Horseshoe Bay.
The Bowen Island Ferry is the only means of travel (other then a rented boat) to get to this little cabin filled Island. With rock filled beaches, parks, unique cabins and starfish laden docks, it is no wonder Bowen Island is a popular destination.

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To get to Bowen Island go to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal and take the Bowen Island Ferry.
Bowen Island

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