Brackendale Eagle Viewing, Squamish/Brackendale

Brackendale, a smaller area of Squamish just north of the main city centre is best known for its large number of eagles who migrate to the are for its leafless trees which allow a vantage point over the nearby estuary for the Eagles to catch fish. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Brackendale in Squamish, British Columbia is known as the Winter Home of the Bald Eagle.



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Brackendale, just north of the Squamish City Centre is known as the Winter Home of the Bald Eagle. The shores along the nearby estuary has become the largest gathering of Bald Eagles in the world. Thousands of these beautiful birds come to this region of British Columbia to perch in the bare trees along the shoreline eating salmon and other fish, resting and entertaining themselves - as well as the hundreds of visitors who come to see this amazing sight.

The iconic image of the Bald Eagle is one that thrills and amazes many visitors to British Columbia. With their majestic white heads, brown feathered bodies and impressive size (and wingspan) the Bald Eagle is often seen throughout the British Columbia landscape. One place in particular, Brackendale, just outside of the Squamish City Centre has the distinction of being the Winter Home of the Bald Eagle.

Arriving in mid-November and staying until mid-February when they fly to their seasonal nesting site, this is the largest gathering of Eagles in the area attracting visitors from around the world. The time to see the largest populations of the birds is from January to December with as many as four thousand Eagles seen along the riverside trail.

Stretching from the Squamish Estuary to the Tenderfoot Creek Fish Hatchery the Eagle viewing is one of the areas biggest attractions with thousands of Bald Eagles in the trees on the opposite shore. The area is the perfect winter home for these beautiful birds with nearby food, high vantage points on bare trees and rocks shores.

With the best viewing along the Squamish estuary is the Dyke located along Government Rd. which is raised above the river and free of vegetation obstructing views of the opposite shore. During the Eagle viewing months on weekends a volunteer community based program is on site to teach visitors about the birds and brings telescopes (by donation).

Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park which encompasses 755 acres of land along the Squamish estuary and river is strictly a conservation park - no camping, sports or facilities are on site. Trails can be found along the water but most activities on park lands are low impact as to ensure the Eagles will continue to migrate in the winter months.

It is highly suggested to make a visit to the Eagle Viewing between November to February. These beautiful birds - the symbol of the Americas - are truly a beautiful sight amongst the valleys, rivers and mountains of the West Coast.

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Brackendale, a few minutes north from Squamish City Centre offers one of the most abundant population of Bald Eagles in the region during the Winter months. This beautiful spectacle is this region's claim to fame along British Columbia's west coast..
The treeless trail along the Brackendale Eagle Viewing area is the perfect vantage point to across the river where the Eagles are found during the winter months. Offering benches, wide trails and panoramic views the trail is a good place to watch visiting Bald Eagles.
Brackendale, near Squamish, British Columbia is situated along an estuary which flows into Howe Sound. This beautiful trail along the Dyke which borders this waterway is an opportune place to spot majestic Bald Eagles in the Winter months.
The shelters that are found along the Brackendale Eagle Viewing area are for visitors to learn about the birds as they offer information boards as well as seating and protection from the elements during the cold, wet and windy Squamish days that occur sometimes in the winter months.

Location of Brackendale Eagle Viewing, Squamish

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From Squamish or Brackendale (between the two), follow Government Road to across the Easter Seal's Camp - you will see a dike on the western edge of the road. The Eagle viewing is along this dike.

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