Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area, Burnaby

Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area in Burnaby, British Columbia offers some of the most awe inspiring views from its lookout. On clear days, visitors can look northwards to Indian Arm, the North Shore and the city's of Belcarra, Port Moody and Coquitlam including the snowy caps of the Cascade Mountains. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

From Burnaby Mountain, visitors can see Indian Arm, the North Shore, Vancouver and even to Vancouver Island.





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Located atop Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area offers spectacular views of Indian Arm, the Downtown Core of Vancouver and its surrounding cities, the North Shore Mountains and the Ocean. Surprisingly unknown to visitors to the city, its views rival some of the best lookouts in the city such as Grouse Mountain and the Harbour Centre Lookout. The Conservation Area is located below the Simon Fraser University Campus on a grassy lawn surrounded by trees, artwork and a rose garden. A path along a steep cliff face provides some of the most awe-inspiring views of the Indian Arm fjord and its quiet, peaceful surroundings makes it an ideal spot to stop and enjoy the sights and sounds above the City.

Burnaby Mountain - rising above the city below - is one of its most visible natural landmarks - what is even more extraordinary is the large conservation area which encompasses most of the mountain with dozens of trails for hikers of all skills and at its rest area offering some of the most fantastic views of the region.

Historically, Burnaby Mountain was first utilized for its forests - with the construction of the sawmill which was once located in nearby Barnet Marine Park, the region was quickly logged. Hikers discovered the area in the 1920s leading to its popularity and eventually its designation as a park and recreation site. At its peak, Simon Fraser University encompasses only a small portion of the mountain and donated an additional 820 acres in 1995 which added hiking trails and more land for public enjoyment.
A trail map can be found at the City of Burnaby Parks Department Website

The Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area entrance is one of the most popular areas in the Park to visit - here, grassy and well kept meadows line the fenced cliff sides, the Park's only restaurant offers delectable meals and decadent deserts, the Centennial Rose Garden invites admirers, artwork and carvings vie for attention and the magnificent view from Downtown Vancouver to all of Indian Arm can be seen. Its fantastic views are one of the mountain's greatest draws - the sheer cliff face on the northern edge offers a panorama of the mountains, forests and cities below.

The Conservation Area offers various activities for hikers, sightseers, adventurers and visitors. Regardless of the season, the views and fantastic sunsets continue to bring new people to the Park and entice back the old. Each season brings something different to Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area and can be enjoyed by all ages.

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The lookout on Burnaby Mountain at its Conservation Area in Burnaby, British Columbia, visitors can enjoy sweeping views of the Greater Vancouver Region as well at the Indian Arm waterway which also functions as an anchorage for tankers waiting to be loaded at the oil refineries as well as boats moving through the waterway enjoying the views in the shadow of Mount Seymour and the Cascade Mountains.
Owls and other creatures have been important to West Coast Native cultures and stories. These have been utilized to create the 'Playground of the Gods' atop Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area in Burnaby, British Columbia to create and interesting and informative place for visitors to explore and enjoy.
Atop Burnaby Mountain in its Conservation Area in Burnaby, British Columbia, visitors can enjoy am interesting art instillation titled 'Playground of the Gods' which uses carved wood places in different areas along the grassy hillside. These interesting carvings are a point of interest in this park setting.
The Rose Garden at Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area in Burnaby, British Columbia was planted in 1992 as a part of the city's centennial celebrations. This beautiful garden is filled with dozens of rose varieties which line the pathways and trellises close to the viewpoint along the mountain's edge.
Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area in Burnaby, British Columbia is a popular locale for hikers, tourists and students from nearby Simon Fraser University to enjoy with amazing views of Indian Arm and the surrounding Greater Vancouver Region as well as hikes, gardens and beautiful park lands.

Location of Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area, BC

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From the Lougheed Highway, turn north on Gaglardi Way to Centennial Way to the parking lot

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