Canadian Chinese Monument, Chinatown

This Monument represents the two most important contributions of Chinese Canadians to the country of Canada. The first statue represents a soldier of the Second World Wat and the other a railway worker who helped build the Canadian Pacific Railway. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

This monument represents the Chinese immigrants who lost their lives as railway workers working on the Canadian Pacific Rail line and in the Second World War.





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The Monument to the Chinese Canadians on the edge of Vancouver's Chinatown is a stark reminder of the suffering endured by this ethnic group for acceptance in Canada. The invaluable efforts by new immigrants into the area is recognized in the two statues on this monument. First, a Railway worker, recognizing the thousands of Chinese Canadians who lived and died building the Trans-Canadian railway system, a dangerous and thankless job. The finalization of this project opened up the west to new immigrants from all over the world. The second figure is a World War II era solider for the six hundred odd Chinese Canadians who volunteered in the War efforts, proving their patriotism which also later earned them the right to vote. This monument is a remembrance to the struggles of the ancestors of many who still live in the area and a celebration of multiculturalism.

The Monument to the Canadian Chinese is easily visible when walking down Keefer Street. It's hard not to see this impressive monument due to its minimalist surroundings as well as its unique design.

Consisting of light coloured rock and two bronze dark green coloured figures, one a World War II soldier and the other a railway worker, this monument celebrates the historic achievements of Chinese Canadians and their impact on the evolution of Canada.

This newly built monument also serves as a platform for Remembrance ceremonies on November 11th in the Chinatown district to pay homage to those who lost their lives on the battlefields protecting their country.

The railway worker symbolized the thousands of immigrants who worked tirelessly to complete the coast to coast railway system that was the basis for immigration to the Vancouver region, remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to complete one of Canada's most ambitious projects.

The World War II Soldier represents the struggles for equality faced by Chinese Canadians in Vancouver who recognized that serving their country and proving their patriotism would earn them respect on Canadian soil. Their participation in the Second World War was rewarded with the right to vote in 1945 and a shift from the racism that once plagued Vancouver.

This unique statue and the information on site help understand the historical struggles of the Chinese Canadians.

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The Monument of Canadian Chinese represents all those who worked on the railways and in the war helping build the Canada of Today. It sits in Chinatown, Vancouver, British Columbia.
This pink, red and green statue represents the two most important contributions of Chinese Canadians to the country Canada. The visible statue represents the thousands of workers who braved poor and dangerous conditions to build the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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