Capilano River Regional Park, North Vancouver

There are many trails in Capilano Regional Park's boundaries - to prevent erosion of the hillside and provide easier ascent up for users of the park, many trails have stairs provided by the Parks Board. The startling foliage surrounding the stairs is typical of the West Coast, ferns, fewer broad leaves and more conifers compose most of the parks found in Vancouver. This popular trail leads to the largest Fir in the Park which is estimated to be over 500 years old and over sixty-one meters tall. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Many pathways in Capilano Regional Park have stairs or bridges to bypass shifts in hills and passage over waterways. These stairs are found on the Giant Fir trail.





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Capilano River Regional Park located in North Vancouver is a large area of land dedicated to public enjoyment. A series of trails leads visitors to giant trees and beside the Capilano River, a popular fishing and kayaking locale, as well as near the towering Cleveland Dam. Surrounded by the typical West Coast environment, it is easy to see why so many people come to this park to take in the sights, sounds and education information avaliable throughout the park.

The flowing Capilano River dissects this public park which is an example of the beauty of the West Coast environment. The park supports a variety of activities, local trainers use the park for running classes and families are constantly exploring the interesting environment that can be found such as the large trees, banana slugs and fish struggling to get upstream to the nearby Fish Hatchery which also sees scores of fishermen trying their luck at capturing an edible (and brag-worthy) prize.

Encompassing of the land found underneath the Cleveland Dam, the famous Baden Powell Trail, informational boards, pathways, stairways, bridges and favourite fishing spots for hundreds of enthusiasts, the park is a base for multiple interests. Well marked pathways can take you to the largest tree in the park, easily requiring four people to link arms to circle its base. As well, you can take the pathway to the wooden deck overlooking the upper portion of the Capilano River and the Cleveland Dam.

The pipeline bridge, a fenced off reinforced water pipe can take you over an amazing view of the waterways below. Several other trails can take you through moss covered trees and needle strewn pathways and trees uprooted from the 2006 Storm that ravaged the Vancouver region. Kayaking is also a popular sport that begins at the base of the Cleveland Dam and downwards to the mouth of the river near the Lion's Gate Bridge.

Many species of birds, insects, plants and other wildlife call this park home. Fortunate hikers can spot elusive deer, squirrels and rare bird species native to the West Coast in the regions of the park as well as overlook the Capilano River.

Between the Cleveland Dam, the Fish Hatchery and the network of trails, Capilano River Regional Park (map) is an adventure for all age groups and physical ability to enjoy the rugged temperate rain forest surroundings.

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Capilano Regional Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia is a small but interesting park. Following the winding roadway, there is an old camp, the fish hatcheries as well as many different pathways on the west and east side of Capilano River showcasing a variety of natural wonders found within the park.
Visitors to Capilano River Regional Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia can hike to the Park's oldest tree - a Douglas Fir. This giant tree with an equally giant base is a popular stop along the many trails that weave throughout the Park.
North Vancouver's Capilano River Regional Park is one of the region's most beautiful parks taking visitors along the river canyon, through old growth forests and even through new forests to enjoy the temperate rain forest throughout the year.
Towering above the Capilano River Regional Park, the Cleveland Dam can be seen through the Canyon from various lookouts in the Park. The thundering overflow waterfall onto the rocks below and mist from the falls can be experienced on many hikes around this North Vancouver locale.

Location of Capilano River Regional Park

Use the interactive map below to locate and explore the areas around Capilano River Regional Park

Follow Capilano Road up from Marine Drive and you will see a small sign to turn left to the Park (you can also go to the Cleveland Dam parking lot)
Capilano River Regional Park

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