Century's Winds of Change Mural, Chinatown

Many famous faces and events that shaped the history of many Chinese Canadians are depicted on this wall, a proper sentiment as Vancouver has one of the largest Asian populations in all of Canada and many battles for rights were fought here. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

The Century Winds of Change Mural represents the achievements and struggles that Chinese-Canadians faced in the span of one hundred and forty years.



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Depicting influential Chinese Canadians, the Century's Winds of Change Mural shows how hard work and perseverance can overcome societal prejudice. Ranging from military soldiers to members of the government, all the people represented on this building sized picture have in some way influenced all the people whom call or called Vancouver's Chinatown home. It is a fitting entrance beside the Millennium Gate to welcome visitors into a place that represents the struggle for acceptance and the victory of overcoming barriers.

This colourful mural found on the west side of a building beside the Millennium Gate on W. Pender Street represents some of the many accomplishments made by Chinese-Canadians in the Vancouver area and those outside of the city that gave hope in times of struggle.

Depicting over one hundred years of historical struggles, hardships, settlement and achievement, the mural is a representation of the growth of the population within Chinatown.

The painting includes many notable Chinese-Canadians such as Dr. Sun Yat-Sen (the Father of Modern China), Wing Wong (a military soldier in WWII), Cam Yow Won (First Canadian-born Chinese to vote), Douglas Jung (First Chinese Federal legislative member) and David D. Lam (First Chinese Governor of British Columbia).

The mural is in a gated parking lot but it is easily visible near the Millennium Gate.

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The Century Winds of Change Mural depicts some of the most important figures in the history of Vancouver's Chinatown. The mural is located at the entrance of Chinatown paying homage to Chinese Canadian heroes such Wing Wong, Alexander Cu, Douglas Jung and David C. Lam.

Location of Century's Winds of Change Mural, China Town

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