Millennium Gate, Chinatown

This large lion statue is one of two that sits at the entrance of the Millennium Gate. Along with a mixture of Eastern and Western symbols, the Gate represents two cultures working together to create this piece of art. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Surrounded by Chinese characters, these Lions are formidable guards of the Millennium Gate which leads into the heart of Chinatown.





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Vancouver's Millennium Gate in Chinatown is an awe inspiring entrance into this famed district. With tall poles appearing to precariously hold up the orange roof and the lattice work and Asian scripture, and filled with relevant Eastern and Western symbols, the Millennium Gate which opened in 2002 is an amazing feat of architecture and working together. Chinatown is a symbol of multiculturalism in the Vancouver region where people of all ethnicity, religious belief and background cluster to partake in sampling the delicacies from the restaurants and shops and interact with a proud community that is an integral part of Vancouver.

To celebrate the new millennium, representatives from the Vancouver Chinatown Millennium society designed this piece to commentate a journey in time as well as a representation of both the past and the future.

Located on Pender Street and Taylor Street, the gate is a mixture of both western and eastern inspired symbols western and eastern inspired symbols and modern and traditional themes.

Many plaques and dedications to those involved in the project adorn the lower portion of the gate which was completed in 2002, celebrating the arrival of a new century.

Consisting of columns, three large rectangular gray slabs and ornate carvings on the top edges, the gate is an interesting stop in Chinatown to examine new art forms occurring within a very traditional setting.

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The Chinatown Millennium Gate is the entrance to Chinatown which stands over W. Pender Street beckoning visitors into this ethnic village in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Location of Millennium Gate

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Entrance to Chinatown on W. Pender St.
W. Pender St / Taylor St.

Map of Chinatown, Downtown Vancouver

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