Chinese Canadian Museum & Archives and Military Museum, Chinatown

The Chinese Canadian Military Museum in the Chinese Cultural Centre in Chinatown, Vancouver, British Columbia is an important tool to educate visitors of all ethnicities about the struggles, sacrifices, contributions and successes of Chinese Canadians in the military and those helping the war effort with displays of uniforms, medals, other artifacts, photos and information. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Military Museum displays artifacts photos and information of military contributions by Chinese Canadian citizens.





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The Chinese Cultural Centre in Vancouver's Chinatown offers a look at the history of the first Chinese settlers to British Columbia with a historical time line from the landing of the first Chinese immigrant, the struggles they faced in this new land, the prejudice, head taxes and eventual succession in gaining the right to vote and becoming Canadian citizens. Both the Cultural Centre Museum and Military Museum proudly display the achievements and artifacts collected from the last century to educate and inspire visitors to the Centre.

Officially opened on March 28, 1998, the Chinese Cultural Centre houses two museums. The Centre's distinctive exterior is styled in the Ming Dynasty period with a modern western interior and is located adjacent to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park and Classical Gardens. It has become an important cultural and educational offering the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum and Archives, the Chinese Canadian Military Museum as well as Chinese calligraphy classes, events, lectures, temporary exhibits, art gallery and an academy at the top floor.

The Chinese Cultural Centre Museum and Archives is located at the lower level of the building and houses a permanent collection of artifacts, photos and information from the lives and history of Chinese Canadians living in British Columbia. Its permanent exhibit, Generation to Generation traces the journey of the first Chinese Canadian settlers in Vancouver and in Barkerville, British Columbia.

The Chinese Canadian Military Museum can be found on the second floor of the Cultural Centre and ranges from the contributions and sacrifices of local Chinese Canadians and how these spurred political and social change. Before the war, many Chinese - both immigrated and born - could not vote and were not considered Canadian citizens. The Museum exhibits a wide range of artifacts from period uniforms, medals, weaponry and honours both past and present members of Canada's Armed Forces and Navy.

An interesting cultural and education experience spanning decades of history, these Museums honour the first Chinese settlers of British Columbia and celebrate their accomplishments.

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The Chinese Cultural Centre in Chinatown in Vancouver, British Columbia is built in a Ming Dynasty style which was found in China between 1368-1644 AD. Inside the three story Cultural Centre are exhibition halls, an academy, classes and two museums, the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum and Archives as well as the Chinese Canadian Military Museum.
The Chinese Canadian Military Museum in Vancouver, British Columbia offers a look at the history of Chinatown and the sacrifices many local Chinese-Canadians made for their new Country. Filled with pictures, information and artifacts its an interesting Museum in Vancouver's Chinatown

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