Cypress Falls Park, West Vancouver

The trail through Cypress Falls Park can be rough and steep but the first portion is gently sloping and moves through stands of young evergreens which clamour to be the first to reach the canopy. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Small trees make up of most of Cypress Falls Park due to prior logging. The trail has many points of interest including examples of the West Coast temperate forest and a waterfall





Spring, Summer, Fall


Overcast, Sunny, Not Raining


2 hours



What to bring:

Camera, Binoculars, Sense of Curiosity, Drink, Snack, Bird Book, Wildlife Book, Plant Identification Book

Cypress Falls Park in scenic West Vancouver is a popular hiking spot in the upper regions of the North Shore mountains underneath Cypress Provincial Park. With cascading waterfalls, giant trees, wooden bridges and rugged paths which take you along logging roads, you will enjoy this stunning hike along the coastal mountains.

If you are looking for a hike that is both scenic and challenging then most walks in the West Vancouver region, Cypress Falls Park is the answer!

One of the more difficult parks to find due to its secluded site and lack of signage, it is one of the North Shore's best kept secrets - a narrow trail which widens intermittently leading visitors throughout the park. With a canyon carved by the river, it is a dizzying drop into the shrouded and darkened ravine - depending on which pathway you take you can peer over the edge and view the steep waterfall or walk on the upper path which is safer and enclosed by fencing.

Two popular viewpoints can be found in the waterfall area. One is the edge of the falls which is fenced off to protect hikers in the park - offering an unparalleled view of the water tumbling down into the ravine. The waterfall itself is very interesting as the water has worn down a dip in the rock face which cases the falls to spray outwards. Just a bit further is the second viewing area - a wooden bridge which crosses over the shallow stream which is a popular resting spot to cool off and dip your feet in.

The trail is less visible from this point upwards, leading to a stand of three hundred year old trees - take care to not go the wrong way at this point as the numerous foot paths can be misleading - move upwards until you get to the gravel logging road which is up a hill. Take this pathway as it crosses a bridge over the creek and winds around until it reconnects to the west side of the park. This is the third popular stop in this park which looks onto the upper waterfall.

The steep slopes can be dangerous for small children or people with limited mobility but the rugged path is worth the risks as the creek and waterfalls as well as the quiet pathways surrounded by logs and trees offer stunning views.

As with many natural areas in the mountain regions of Vancouver, be aware of your surroundings as wild animals such as bears can be spotted in the region.

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This off-the-beaten-path park is a stunning example of mid-elevation coastal environment. With both large and small trees and Cypress Creek running through it, this pathway is a magnet for hikers looking for picturesque, but less busy trails.
Cypress Falls Park in West Vancouver, British Columbia offers a slightly challenging hike along coastal forests and logging roads with rewarding views of two waterfalls and the canyons they have carved into the mountainsides.
The Lower Waterfall at Cypress Falls Park in West Vancouver, British Columbia had carved a deep well into the rock causing it to spray out unlike any waterfall in the area. This small park and hike offer interesting views of the creek and surrounding forest.

Location of Cypress Falls Park

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On Trans-Canada Highway #1 take exit 4 (Caufield) and onto Woodgreen Drive. A small parking lot on Woodgreen Place is the entrance to the park.
Woodgreen Place, Parking Lot

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