Deep Cove, North Vancouver

One of many marinas in the Vancouver region, Deep Cove is a starting point in discovering the surrounding rock laden shores for seals, sea otters and places to camp. Winter is a quieter time in the town of Deep Cove and the thriving art community takes its inspiration from the snow covered mountains and amazing views that can be found throughout the area. Busier in warmer months, the town relies on curious people interested in the town's historical background as a popular vacation destination, of which people still migrate to this quiet region for the same reasons. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Summer recreation is popular in Deep Cove and many avid boaters dock their ships in the quiet harbour for the winter seasons. The winter months find Deep Cove quiet but just as picturesque.





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Deep Cove is th city at the foot of the Cascade Mountains. With the best of both worlds, this little vacation town sits on the edge of the popular recreation waterway of Indian Arm and beside Mt. Seymour which offers seasonal activities from challenging hikes, biking and fishing to skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. With artists using the breathtaking landscape to create unique works of art and the sleepy town charm, Deep Cove is a great day trip destination to leave the city without travelling long distances.

Deep Cove, a small North Vancouver town is the epitome of the West Coast lifestyle - slow, laid back and less about the hectic lifestyle that the world embraces in current times.

Encompassing a downtown core and its surrounding residents the town functions with many small independent stores and restaurants (many large name brand stores are not too far away as Deep Cove is located only a ten minute drive to main areas of North Vancouver and less than half an hour away from Vancouver) a marina, parks and other services.

Its roots are as a vacation community for early settlers in the area over one hundred years ago a fact which is still celebrated today. The atmosphere has stayed mostly the same and its small community feel even though massive development on the North Shore has squeezed out much of the natural areas found along the region.

Shadowed by the foot of Mt. Seymour and surrounded by the Indian Arm waterway, Deep Cove has found its own niche, catering to the summer crowds with kayak rentals, hilly parks, beaches and access to some of the most popular North Shore hikes such as the Baden Powell Trail.

The adjoining Indian Arm is a popular location and Deep Cove is a start off point for many kayak trips, day or otherwise. The various islands and the popular waterfall offer campsites and the large variety of sea life such as seals and otters as well as the historic abandoned power plants provide endless entertainment for those travelling the waters off Deep Cove. The town offers beautiful views of Indian Arm in the winter months when the snow barely reaches coast level but dusts the surrounding mountains in a cap of white.

Deep Cove is an excellent place for people of all ages to relax or discover the surroundings - the wide range of activities and adventures to have in this easy to access town makes it a perfect day trip at any time of the year.

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In the summer months the village of Deep Cove in North Vancouver, British Columbia is a prime locale to spend a day browsing the shops, getting a meal or just an ice cream and enjoying the sights and sounds. Located alongside Indian Arm within a sheltered bay it is very popular with boaters wandering the waterway looking for supplies or just to explore.
Deep Cove in North Vancouver, British Columbia is a bustling village in the summer months with boaters ranging from power craft to kayakers filling the bay and adjoining Indian Arm. A popular summertime locale, Deep Cove sees many visitors along its shorelines enjoying the peaceful village and its offerings.
The little town of Deep Cove has been a popular vacation destination for over one hundred years and this proud heritage is on display in the Deep Cove Cultural Centre. The town, with its access to the popular Indian Arm waterway is a popular summer destination.

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Deep Cove is located at the northern end of the Dollarton Highway
Deep Cove

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