Engine 374 Pavilion, Yaletown

Before the Pavilion was built, Engine 374 was on display in Kitsilano Park. Now, this wood beam and window covered edge of the former roundhouse serves as a means to commemorate the trains famous journey from the east coast to the west. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

Beautifully restored, Engine 374 is a timeless attraction in Vancouver's historic Yaletown district with the distinction of being the first train arriving in Vancouver on the Pacific Canadian Railway from the East Coast of Canada.





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Trains are beginning to be a lost mode of transportation in these changing times, Vancouver itself relies on planes, buses and the Skytrain and personal transportation to get from location to location. Trains many years before were the optimal transportation to get from Coast to Coast, taking immigrants across three provinces and necessary supplies. The Engine 374 Pavilion in Yaletown holds a true piece of history, the fully restored first transcontinental train from the East coast, arriving in Vancouver on May 23, 1887. This beautiful display is worth the trip to be in awe of this amazing piece of machinery and what it meant for the fledgling city of Vancouver.

In the Roundhouse community centre just outside of Yaletown's main streets visitors can find the engine which pulled the first transcontinental train linking the east and west coasts of Canada into the city of Vancouver in May of 1887.

Retired in 1945, the engine was put on display in Kitsilano Park. Left outside to face the elements, the engine was moved to its current location and restored in 1983 by citizens devoted to preserving a part of Canadian history. The new pavilion was built in an unique fashion, the Heritage Brick Program, where residents paid twenty dollars for a brick which had their name inscribed on it. These are the bricks that cover the entire floor. The pavilion was completed in time for the 1986 World Expo.

Curious visitors can visit the pavilion and step into the engine to see what it looked like a century ago as well as view old pictures and keepsakes from the trains many years of service. The helpful staff are always quick to answer any questions as they are usually train enthusiasts themselves.

During Victoria Day festivities (Third weekend of May) the train is fired up and rolled out of the pavilion into the Roundhouse Square to be put on display to mark the anniversary of its arrival in the City of Vancouver.

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This historic train, Engine 374, pulled into Vancouver as the first train to cross Canada from east to west. After being carefully restored it was placed in Yaletown, close to the spot it was first welcomed to Vancouver in 1887.
Before the Pavilion was built, Engine 374 was on display in Kitsilano Park. After raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, the train was moved to its current location in Yaletown along with relevant memorabilia and restored to its former glory.
Thousands of bricks line the ground. Each of these are inscribed with the name of the people (or persons) who bought a brick. These were later used in the construction to honour all the supporters who made the Engine 374 Pavilion possible.
The Roundhouse Community Centre is a preserved piece of Yaletown history with its restored appearance. Using salvaged materials like the old doors, the community centre adjacent to the Engine 374 Pavilion is a great place to visit the train or take in a class.

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Located on the Corner of Pacific St. and Davie St.
181 Roundhouse Mews
V6Z 2W3

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Engine 374 Pavilion