Granville Island Boathouses on False Creek, the Sea Village

This rustic brown houseboat in a Victorian style of architecture floating on Vancouver's busiest waterway is one of few houseboats that are docked alongside Granville Island. Connected to the shore by only a dock, these boats are a popular destination to see a unique community to the city. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

This is an example of one of the houseboats that can be seen in the Sea Village community.





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With strong ties to the ocean, and its importance on everyday life in the City of Vancouver, a select group of residents have found a new way to have space in the high priced housing market. On the eastern edge of famous Granville Island, on False Creek are rows of cramped houses with the ocean at the doorstep. These unique homes are a part of the Sea Village - Vancouver's only houseboat community.

Off the beaten track, the Grandville Island Boathouses are one of the most amazing sights amidst the city environment. Brightly coloured in a variety of blues, yellows, oranges and greens, these homes sit tightly clustered on the north eastern shore of Grandville Island.

A rarity in most large cities, these crowded houses are a unique community known as the Sea Village.

Resting on a sheltered portion of the False Creek waterway, these homes have the most exclusive view but are spared from some of the worst weather that can hit the shores of Vancouver.

Only about thirty people live in these houseboats with a complete lack of privacy as tourists throughout the seasons gather to view these unique homesteads, crowding the shores, as well as boaters that use busy False Creek to moor or travel in and out of the docking area.

The best ways to view these little homes is by water: curious kayakers can be spotted near these distinctive homesteads, however, for the not so adventurous, the Aquabus and False Creek Ferry companies cruise past them on their way to the Eastern docks on their routes. You can also spot them on the northern seawall or right off the main pathways of Granville Island where it might take a bit of detective work to find the path that will lead you to them.

A definite must-see, these little wooden houses enshrine the architecture and the fundamentals of West Coast living: the ocean at your fingertips.

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One of the most endearing sights on the edge of False Creek is the Granville Island Boathouse community, a small enclave of homes with bright vibrant colours that are popular attractions as this is the only sea village in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Location of Granville Island Boathouses

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The Sea Village can be seen at the end of Cartwright St. on the north-eastern shore of Granville Island
Granville Island

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