Ferguson Point, Stanley Park

With views looking west toward Vancouver Island, Ferguson Point is a popular site overlooking the Stanley Park Seawall, Third Beach, and English Bay as well as toward Point Grey and West Vancouver. The site also has a popular restaurant, the Teahouse. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

Offering amazing westerly views, Ferguson Point in Stanley Park is a great lookout point, paying homage to its past use as a defence fort during the Second World War as well as offering views of the harbour and the cargo ships within it.





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Ferguson Point was an important lookout during the wars to ensure the safety of the city of Vancouver. Its clear vantage point is its biggest draw, offering a sweeping view of Point Grey, West Vancouver, and most notably, English Bay. Just off Ferguson Point in the harbour are dozens of ships waiting to offload or load at the Port of Vancouver, a sight unique to the city. Below, visitors can watch the constant action on the Seawall and Third Beach, observing people running, walking, biking, swimming and sunbathing. Ferguson Point offers a beautiful stop along Park Drive without walking half the Seawall. A popular place for romantic meals, the Teahouse restaurant at the edge of Ferguson Point is a historically significant and well received eatery on the picturesque shores of Stanley Park.

Ferguson Point in Stanley Park is a large grassy area with stunning English Bay views on the western edge of the park above the seawall.

With a 180 degree view from Kitsilano and adjoining Point Grey, west toward Vancouver Island and West Vancouver, this lookout is a sought out area to view spectacular sunsets and to look over the bay filled in the summer months with small sailboats weaving through the water along the Goliath shipping vessels anchored off shore. As well, powerboats, kayakers and swimmers also can be spotted from Ferguson Point.

The seawall below navigates its way along Stanley Park, cradling Third Beach along its most westerly shores.

Its importance to Vancouver's protection was the roots of its placement on this strategic point on Stanley Park. Its amazing view and visibility helped ensure Vancouver's harbour was safe from attacks, both by ship and submarine, during the Second World War when Ferguson Point was made a lookout. Remnants of its past use are seen by the mostly disassembled artillery structure and the old Mess Hall (soldier's cafeteria) which was later converted after the War to what is now the Teahouse. A Plaque and small stone wall are inscribed with the historic importance of the site as a military installation protecting Canada's western shipping port.

Nearby in a wooded glade, the E. Pauline Johnson Cairn with its small stone fountain and etched stone likeness of the late poet has been erected to remember on of Stanley Park's naturalist champions.

Ferguson Point with its quaint restaurant, stunning views and historical significance is a favourite locale for Vancouverites and tourists enjoying the sweeping views of English Bay and the surrounding mountains and city.

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Ferguson Point in Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the park's two lookouts located about the seawall. Its grassy lawn with few trees provide a spectacular view over English Bay and to the surroundings mountains - especially at sunset.
This plaque found on a stone structure at Ferguson Point, Stanley Park commemorates the site's use as a lookout to spot enemy attacks on Vancouver's harbour. This was an important area during the war, serving to protect the Canadian coastline from being sieged.
Ferguson Point lookout in Stanley Park is a popular park viewing area with scenic views of English Bay, Point Grey, West Vancouver, as well as the Seawall which curves around the point below.

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On the western shore of Stanley Park along Park Dr. above Third Beach
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