Garibaldi Provincial Park, Sea to Sky Highway

Garibaldi Provincial Park, just off the Sea to Sky Highway near Squamish, British Columbia is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. With several hiking trails and interior camping it is a popular recreational spot while offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and countryside. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Garibaldi Provincial Park offers many beautiful views below to the city of Squamish as well as hiking, biking and camping.





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What to bring:

Camera, Binoculars, Drink, Hiking Boots, Compass, Sun Glasses, Sunblock

Located along the picturesque Sea to Sky Highway, Garibaldi Provincial Park is one of British Columbia's largest Provincial Parks, situated amongst the Coastal Mountains. With over 90kms of hikes, wilderness camping, glacial lakes, mountain ranges, snow capped peaks, forests and meadows, the Park has become a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Garibaldi Mountain named for Giuseppe Garibaldi, a 19th Century Italian Patriot which towers 2,978 meters over nearby Squamish, British Columbia, Garibaldi Provincial Park spreads over 194,650 hectares encompassing hiking and biking trails and some of the area's most scenic views. Designated a Park in 1927, the park encompasses over 90kms of trails along with several diverse ecosystems and has become a favorite spot for outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.

The Park has several interesting geological features the most notable known as the Black Tusk formed by volcanic activity tens of thousands of years ago and given its distinctive shape when a part of the vent collapsed due to glacial movement. The vegetation is diverse throughout the park due to its varied elevation - meadows, lakes, forests and permanent snow caps can be found throughout Garibaldi. Along with the different ecosystems the Park supports a variety of different animal species including marmots, bears and eagles.

There are five separate entrances into Garibaldi Provincial Park:

  1. Diamond Head - located along the Sea to Sky Highway follow Mumquam Rd. along a gravel road to a parking lot at elevation 914 meters with access to several hiking trails.
  2. Garibaldi Lake - 37kms north from Squamish (19kms south of Whistler) there is a paved road leading to a parking lot accessing hiking trails to the lake and other interesting sights.
  3. Cheakamus Lake - 48kms north of Squamish (2.5kms south of Whistler) follow a signed gravel road until the end for 8.5kms. More trails including those leading to the popular lake.
  4. Singing Pass - In Whistler Village follow the Whistler Access Road on foot to get to the trails leading to views of mountain ranges.
  5. Wedgemount Lake - 13kms north of Whistler along the Sea to Sky Highway follow a gravel road with access to the lake via a steep trail.
  6. Garibaldi Provincial Park is known for its interior camping and backpacking including some of the most scenic trails in Canada. It is advisable to be prepared and to have proper gear before starting out on all trails. All trails are over three kilometres long. Canoeing is allowed in Cheakamus Lake and fishing and swimming are also permitted in a few lakes throughout the Park.

    Known for its rugged beauty and unmatched trails, Garibaldi Provincial Park is a place for experienced, intermediate - and on some trails - beginning hikers. Enjoy the beautiful scenery in one of British Columbia's largest Provincial Parks.

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Garibaldi Provincial Park along the Sea to Sky Highway offers picturesque views of the Coastal Mountains, glacial lakes and snowcapped peaks. With over 90kms of hiking trails the Park is a beautiful experience for all to enjoy.
There are several hikes avaliable for outdoor enthusiasts to choose from at Garibaldi Provincial Park near Squamish, British Columbia. These hikes take visitors to amazing vistas of the city below and surrounding mountains.
Garibaldi Provincial Park offers visitors opportunities to hike to beautiful treeless panoramas of Squamish, Howe Sound fjord and the surrounding Cascade Mountains. This picturesque British Columbia park is located near the city of Squamish along the Sea to Sky Highway.
The roadway leading to Garibaldi Provincial Park is long and at times narrow. From the road's beginning point in Squamish, British Columbia, it is important to follow the signage to get to the Park which is located at the top of the mountain and spreads out alongside the city.
Garibaldi Provincial Park, known for its beautiful views offers almost 360 degree views of the Squamish Valley below and surrounding wilderness. Park visitors can see many vistas only avaliable at the park due to the region's spectacular locale and high altitude.
Garibaldi Provincial Park offers visitors views along the winding road to the topmost parking lot in the Park. Near the top parking lot, a break in the trees shows this view of Squamish below along with the surrounding mountains, Howe Sound Fjord and the tiny houses below at the foot of the Park.

Location of Garibaldi Provincial Park

Use the interactive map below to locate and explore the areas around Garibaldi Provincial Park

From the Sea to Sky Highway through Squamish turn east onto Mamquam Rd. follow until the road forks at the cabins and turn north - this road will lead you to the parking lot (est. 20min drive)
Garibaldi Provincial Park

Map of Sea to Sky Highway

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