Garry Point Park, Richmond

Located in Steveston, British Columbia, a village within Richmond is Garry Point Park. A treeless, meadow-filled Park, it is surrounded by the Fraser River which is lined with rocky shores and sandy beaches filled with people exploring and watching the boats go by toward the Pacific Ocean. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The beaches along Garry Point Park offer views of the Fraser River and boats coming in and out of Stevenson Harbour.





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Located west of Steveston, Garry Point Park offers stunning, picturesque views, flower filled meadows, kite flying and more. A perfect place to end a day in the nearby fishing village, the winding pathways and sunset views offer a slice of the West Coast life British Columbia is famous for.

Garry Point Park on Steveston Village's most south-west point is a large park overlooking the southern arm of the Fraser River.

It is a well known Park for nearby residents and visitors. Its flat, treeless and windy terrain is ideal for kite flying - visitors can try their luck at the sport with beginner kites bought from the nearby village or watch professionals zooming across the grassy meadows on wheeled seats propelled by wind power.

There are many amenities found within Garry Point Park. A concession stand offers food and drinks during the summer months and public washrooms and parking are also avaliable year round.

The Park is situated on Sturgeon Banks, surrounded by water on three sides with rocky shores and sandy beaches. Visitors to the Park can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the paved pathway past the Kuno Japanese Garden and the Fisherman's Memorial Needle. Winding along the grassy meadows, fields of lupins and alongside the Fraser River visitors can enjoy beautiful views as well as the dozens of fishing boats coming in and out of Steveston Harbour.

Garry Point Park also encompasses Scotch Pond, a Historic Moorage site for fishing boats which was dredged in the 1950s and connected to the Strait of Georgia. It can be seen along the Park's northern edge with the remnants of the boardwalk used in the early 1900s by the Cannery.

With its spectacular views including stunning sunsets, Garry Point Park is a a perfect place to end a day trip to Steveston.

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Located on the western edge of Steveston, British Columbia, Garry Point Park is a favourite destination for kite enthusiasts as it is one of the coast's windiest locales with beautiful beaches and meadows.
Overlooking the Fraser River, Steveston, British Columbia's Garry Point Park is home to dozens of plant species finding home along the crevices and beaches, taking advantage of specific growing conditions to grow to their full potential.
Garry Point Park in Steveston, British Columbia (Near Richmond) offers windswept beaches and meadows - perfect for certain flower species such as Lupins which blanket the hillsides on this southerly Park.
With its treeless meadows and flat topography, Steveston, British Columbia's Garry Point Park is a popular kite flying Park along the West Coast as its constant windiness offers visitors a chance to test out their skills or watch advanced fliers testing out their equipment in the skies above.

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