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The old statue is a humorous way to understand the foundation of Gastown, and therefore the city of Vancouver. With business drying up from the Gold Rush, John "Gassy Jack" Deighton went up the Fraser River and into the Burrard Inlet with a giant barrel of Whiskey to become the first settler, and proprietor of the Globe Saloon. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Gassy Jack's legend is a popular tale in Gastown, appropriate since the 'Gassy' in John Deighton's name referred to the many story he regaled to his saloon customers on a nightly basis.





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The Statue of John "Gassy Jack" Deighton sits in a shaded area shadowed by a large maple tree. It is here, under the ancestor of the Maple tree that stands there today is where the City of Vancouver was conceived, on a barrel of Whiskey and a brave man who knew how to be enterprising. This curious yet interesting tale brings people to the very site that began the city that surrounds them

The statue that stands on this site is modelled after the founding father of Vancouver, Capitan John "Gassy Jack" Deighton (referring to his long winded conversational skills not any other dubious talent).

This green hued statue depicts the place where the city was founded under a tree over a century ago.

The story of Gassy Jack began when Capitan John Deighton, realized the potential of opening a bar in the region for the loggers in the area when the bar he owned in New Westminster began to suffer at the end of the Gold Rush. Legend has it, John Deighton sailed down the Fraser river in a small boat loaded with necessities and a large barrel of Whiskey and landed in current day Gastown, a district now named after him as a tribute. Within twenty-four hours his bar, the Globe Saloon was built and he was offering the same Whiskey he had sailed down the river with. A small settlement followed which later became the City of Vancouver.

This statue, along with its plaque depicts the story of this historic region while as well paying tribute to the man who sailed the Fraser River with a large barrel of Whiskey and continues to be a favourite stop for many tourists interested in the colourful account of the establishment of Vancouver.

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The Gassy Jack Statue at the easter edge of Vancouver's Gastown is a piece of art commemorating Vancouver's first settler, John "Gassy Jack" Deighton who sailed down the river with his infamous whiskey barrel and set up a saloon for the loggers nearby.
This plaque is an amazing piece of Vancouver's history, the written era and relative age of the city to others in Canada made it easy to pinpoint where the forefathers of Vancouver named it after Captain George Vancouver who first explored and mapped the region.
This beautiful summer day shines through the Maple leaves above the head of the statue of Gassy Jack. Over one hundred years ago, the city of Vancouver was named nearly in the same spot by pioneers to the city who named it in honour of Captain George Vancouver who first mapped out the region on his travels.
This plaque commemorates the first settler of Gastown, Jack Deighton, also referred to as the founding father of Gastown when he sailed up the Fraser River with a barrel of Whiskey and built a saloon for the loggers in the region.

Location of Gassy Jack

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If you walk to the East end of Water St. (Gastown encompasses the entire length of it) you will find the Gassy Jack Statue
At the intersection of Carrall, Powell, Water and Alexander St

Map of Gastown, Downtown Vancouver

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