Girl in a Wet Suit, Stanley Park

Girl in a Wet Suit is a popular Seawall art instillation by Elek Imredy. It can be seen from the Seawall, or during low tide, from the rocky beach at its feet. The rock it sits on is almost always in water preventing curious people from scaling the rock to this beautiful bronze statue. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Girl in a Wet Suit is one of Stanley Park's most predominant statues as its captivating figure on a rock is a stunning art piece in its ocean setting.



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Girl in a Wet Suit is one of Stanley Park's most defining art installations. Set against a backdrop of seafaring ships, Vancouver's trading harbour, the magnificent mountains and the ocean, Elek Imredy's sea nymph sits poised atop her rocky platform staring out into the Ocean as if to reveal its secrets. A loose adaptation to Copenhagen's famous Little Mermaid statue, Girl in a Wet Suit is a popular Stanley Park attraction focusing on Vancouver's closeness to the sea as well as the love of exploring, both in and out of the water. This stunning art piece along the northern shore of Stanley Park's Seawall is a muse-see due to its effective simplicity and beauty.

On Stanley Park's famous Seawall a variety of sculptures, memorials and landmarks can be found, however, on its northern edge a curious statue embedded on the rocks is an interesting sight - the Girl in a Wet Suit is an interesting sculpture by artist Elek Imredy donated to the city as a part of its urban renewal program.

The statue has enjoyed over thirty years perched on a large rock off the edge of the seawall - placed on June 9, 1973, it has garnered the attentions of many people who walk along the seawall as it is reminiscent of a mermaid on a rock.

The statue was actually inspired by the famous Copenhagen Little Mermaid Statue, however when efforts to obtain licensing to replicate it failed, the artist created the more modern version seen on the shores of Stanley Park today with a mask, wet suit and fins.

Depending on the time of day, she will be either surrounded by water, just above high tide on the rock gazing wistfully toward the Lion's Gate Bridge. During low tide, curious passersby can walk along the uncovered shoreline to take a closer look this Stanley Park statue, however climbing it is out of the question - the large boulder the statue is welded to is smooth and large, impeding any attempts to scale to the top without unintentionally going for a swim.

Visitors to the Park are entertained by the many seagulls that rest on the statue's head - it has become a safe haven for many birds resting from scouring the shores for food.

It is hard to miss this life-size statue sitting on the rocky shore along the Burrard Inlet, its enjoyable history and continued popularity amongst visitors have made it a much loved landmark in Vancouver's Stanley Park.

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The Girl in a Wet Suit along the northern shore of Stanley Park is a curious statue fooling many passersby impressed by the whimsical art piece sitting atop a rock, staring out to sea.
The Girl in a Wet Suit Statue on the northern shores of the Stanley Park Seawall in Vancouver, British Columbia is a popular stop along this famed trail. During high tide people can see only the top of the rock the statue is situated on at she watches the ships coming in and out of the Burrard Inlet.
The Girl in a Wet Suit is located on the northern shores of the Stanley Park Seawall in Vancouver, British Columbia. Overlooking the Burrard Inlet - the city's busy shipping lane, the Girl is reminiscent to the Copenhagen Mermaid statue with a more modern twist.

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The Girl in a Wet Suit is on the Northern Shore of Stanley Park near the Empress Figurehead and the Brockton Oval along the Seawall.
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