Kids Market, Granville Island

Summer sees the busiest months (outside of Christmas) at the Kids Market. With wide open doors letting in the summer weather and toys such as stuffed animals and kites, it is unsurprising that this is a popular area to browse with friends and have a blast being a kid again. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Granville Island Kids Market is a popular place to see all sorts of toys, books and games for all ages.





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The Kids Market at Granville Island is a place truly for children, and children at heart, offering a wide selection of toys, from stuffed animals to kites as well as games, books, rides and an entire indoor playground and outdoor splash area aimed toward creating a popular place for kids of all ages. The Kids Market is a decorated and fun filled wonder catering to every whim and desire. A must see, even without children, there are even nostalgic items that may have adults finding something fun too.

Vancouver's Granville Island Kids Market is a popular location for parents and children. With over twenty eight shops, the Kids Market is what is it advertised, bright shimmering rainbows, children sized doors, dozens of rides and decorated with friendly cartoon characters and a variety of other themes, any child's dream come true. Even a brightly coloured caboose sits on the old tracks outside the market acting as an extra retail space. An indoor playground, and nearby outdoor water park elevate the Kids Market into a popular summer attraction with locals and tourists intermingling in this festive and colourful attraction filled area.

Multiple vendors have toys ranging from marbles, stuffed animals and kites to books, puzzles and board games. Some shops even carry clothing.

The Kids Market also offers special events through the year.

Located on the far Southern shore of the island near the duck pond and the road entrance, the Kids Market is a busy place all year round. The summer months see the large barn style doors at the edge open to let the warm air and breezes into this fun filled one hundred year old industrial building.

Over thirty years ago in the early 70s, Vancouver launched a city wide regeneration project to create a liveable city, the Granville Island project was one of its most successful endeavours and now offers interesting activities for adults, and as seen by the Kids Market, children.

Vancouver's Kid's Market is fun for the entire family and a great place to spend a few hours in one of the most interesting buildings to be found on Granville Island.

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The Kids Market in Granville Island is a popular place full of Children exploring the natural surroundings and indoor shops full with toys of every kind in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Location of Granville Island Kids Market

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The Kids Market is beside the road entrance to Granville Island on the north-east side

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