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The Public Market in Granville Island near False Creek is filled with dozens of shops catering to any food laden desire. Over One hundred shops are in this old industrial space with thousands of varieties of food. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The outside of the Granville Island Public Market. This old industrial space olds over one hundred shops and stalls with many items.





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In operation since 1977, the Granville Island Public Market offers local (and international depending on the time of year) produce, meats, breads, chocolate and art. This amazing industrial space was a part of the inner city rehabilitation that spread through the dilapidated city. The Public Market is the heart of this project, offering locals and visitors a chance to buy groceries in a usable space that promotes community and supports local farmers. The Market continues to be an important part of Vancouver and has created an urban oasis among the high rises and city environment.

The Granville Island Public Market is a hub of activity. Over one hundred miniature shops fill this crowded former industrial space. Grandville Island's dubious past, both economic and dirty marked a revival of the city core when the city of Vancouver was intensified in the 1970s.

Located underneath the Granville Bridge, the Public Market is located on the South-West corner of the island.

The Market consists of dozens of stalls selling everything from freshly baked loaves of bread and other goodies such as cookies, cakes and other pastries; vegetables and fruits, both local and international; hundreds of varieties of cheeses and meats; Chocolates; herbs, flowers and a variety of live plants; dried goods and the most exciting, tanks filled with live sea creatures such as oysters, lobsters and crabs.

The allure of Granville Island comes from its unique large scale sprawl over a once abandoned island. A large scale redevelopment project was undertaken in the 1970's, restoring the old factory buildings as retail space and saving the largest to become the home of Vancouver's first Public Market. Its grassroots and quaint Oceanside atmosphere has popularized the site, bringing exclusive shops, wine stores and west coast apparel to this inner city Mecca. Many nearby residents, both in the nearby borough of Kitsilano and on the opposite side of False Creek aided by the mini-ferry companies that operate along the waterway, use the Market for their grocery needs.

The Granville Island Public Market is also a major tourist attraction for its busy atmosphere and unique west coast gifts sold in tiny shops between the food shops. The main food court is also located in the public market offering a range of ethnic, North American and west coast dishes. From breakfast, lunch or dinner or even just a snack, the dozens of vendors have much to offer hungry visitors to the Island.

Interested parties can participate in the Granville Island Public Market Guided Tours, a service offered by Edible British Columbia which takes visitors through the market identifying new, interesting and seasonal ingredients.

With its busy environment and dozens of shops, the Public Market is a rare and beautiful place to explore Vancouver in a culinary and visual adventure unmatched in Canada.

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The Granville Island Public Market is a popular place to find produce, perishables and dried goods as well as deserts, gifts and other interesting items in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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The Public Market is located on the south west side of Granville Island

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