Granville Island, Vancouver

Located in part underneath the Granville Bridge and consisting of a large variety of shops, stalls and art venues, Granville Island is a popular downtown location descended on by tourists and locals alike searching for bargains, groceries and unique art.

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Most popular in the summer, the mostly indoor market place has been in operation for decades, but was revitalized in the 1970's to its current state.

Its early uses were to function as manufacturing plants for surrounding industries which survived through the Great Depression, however, pollution and lack of space for growth eventually forced companies to move outwards, leaving the island a desolate and dilapidated place. The city of Vancouver oversaw a dramatic transformation for the initiative to work toward creating a people-friendly space with multiple uses. This principle still holds as the space encompasses theatres, the Emily Carr University, dozens of restaurants and shops, the Public Market and False Creek's largest marina. Remnants of the past uses of the space still exist as older buildings serve as covered parking and cement trucks call the eastern portion of the island home.

The False creek waterway has a large impact on the activities offered in Granville Island; kayaking, boat rentals and the distinctive and poplar mini-ferries weave in and out and around the island space, while buskers (performance artists) regularly perform at all times of the year in a variety of places around the island.

The only houseboat community in Vancouver is found alongside the North East portion of the island, the bright colours distinguishing one another from their neighbours.

Small parks and adjoining communities have added to the allure of the site.

Most stunning is the evidence of the history of this popular tourist Mecca. Streetcar and rail lines are still embedded in the roadways, the cobblestone paths and small store spaces add richness to the site that embraces the past and present uses of the site and the future of this unique and collaborative space in the heart of the West Coast's largest city.

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Granville Island Boathouses

The False Creek Boathouse community of the Sea Village can be found om Vancouver's famous Granville Island, harbouring a cluster of brightly coloured homes unique to the surrounding city.

Railspur Alley

Railspur Alley is a place for artists, art lovers, paintings, unique works and other wares. With its variously themed stores and studios, the Alley offers many sights, sounds and cafes to sit for visitors.

Granville Island Public Market

The Public Market in Granville Island is filled with dozens of shops catering to any food laden desire and a popular place to weave through stalls sampling a taste of the West Coast.

Granville Island Kids Market

The Kids Market on Vancouver's Granville Island is a place truly for children, and children at heart, filled with toys, games, books and more.

The Lobster Man

With its live seafood (and prepackaged) ranging from crabs to lobsters and a variety of shellfish, The Lobster Man is an ideal place to experience the taste of the West Coast with on site cooking, to buy live seafood or just to look.


An interesting means of transit in the city is Kayaking. Vancouver is surrounded by Ocean, and what better way to see its shores then in a kayak paddling beside it enjoying the view and the occasional curious seal.

Granville Island Brewery

Offering locally made beer, a Taproom, Store and tours, the Granville Island Brewery has been an integral part of the Vancouver region for over a quarter of a century seen in its inspiration taken from the city and its boroughs in the Brewery's many varieties of beers and ales.