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The Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove, British Columbia offers many interesting exhibits ranging across the world. The African Savannah exhibit is home to Zebras, Antelope and Giraffes as well as many other animals to view and enjoy. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Visitors to the Greater Vancouver Zoo can spot many interesting animals in the African Savannah exhibit such as Zebras.





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Camera, Binoculars, Questions, Sense of Curiosity, Drink, Snack, Hiking Boots

Where can you find reptiles, giraffes, lions, hippos, bears, wolves and camels in the Lower Mainland? The Greater Vancouver Zoo! Visit and learn about all these interesting animals and reptiles, take a bus tour through the North American Wilds, a ride on the miniature train or just walk around and enjoy the animals in their habitats - a perfect activity for all ages (to bring the kid out of you)!

Home to dozens of species of animals, reptiles and birds, the Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove, British Columbia is the perfect day trip in the Lower Mainland. Children have the opportunity to see creatures they have only seen on TV or read about while adults are transported back in time to their own memories of visiting Zoos during their childhood.

The Greater Vancouver Zoo got its start in 1970 when it was opened as the Vancouver Game Farm until 1991 when it was sold. In 1995 it became home to dozens of animals from the Old Stanley Park Zoo when it was closed down due to size constraints and a referendum. Along with the new animals the Zoo (then named the Greater Vancouver Zoological Centre) was outfitted with a new picnic area, animal enclosures and a miniature train which circles the animal habitats.

There are many different creatures to see at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. This map of the Greater Vancouver Zoo shows all the exhibits and buildings visitors can explore. Visitors can walk or take a ride on the miniature train to explore the Zoo as well as hop onto the free North American Wilds narrative bus tour (which travels among the Zoo's Black Bear and Wolf habitat). The wide range of habitats, animals, reptiles and birds offers endless learning opportunities for visitors.

The Zoo is mainly outdoors offering many unique habitats for animals from around the world. The only indoor exhibit is the Vivarium which houses reptiles and mammals which cannot withstand the winter temperatures in Aldergrove. There are also two concession stands selling food and a gift shop. The Greater Vancouver Zoo offers several educational programs such as the Birds of Prey Show and activities.

Perfect for all ages, check out the Zoo and its many creatures and check out the Lower Mainland's wild side!

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Photo and Image Gallery

The two humped Bactrian Camel is one of many animals that can be spotted in the Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove, British Columbia. Visitors can watch this camel in its exhibit and learn about its habitat and interesting features.
Visitors to the Greater Vancouver Zoo in Abbotsford, British Columbia can see a wide range of animals from almost every continent in the world - one of the favourite animals at the Zoo is the group of Giraffes which live near the African Savanna exhibit.
The Vivarium offers a climate controlled atmosphere for the many reptiles and rain forest animals to live in at the Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove, British Columbia and also allows to visitors to come in (and warm up during the summer months!) and learn about these fascinating creatures.
The Boa Constrictor is one of the many reptiles that can be seen and learned about at the Vivarium building in the Greater Vancouver Zoo Vivarium in Aldergrove, British Columbia. This species of snake is well known for how it kills its prey by coiling around them and squeezing.
When the Stanley Park Zoo became too small to hold all the animals it was moved to Aldergrove, British Columbia and made into the Greater Vancouver Zoo, home to monkeys, reptiles, camels, ostrich and many other animals from around the world.

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