Gulf Islands

British Columbia's Gulf Islands includes hundreds of islands and islets between the coast of Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia with its largest being Gabriola, Galiano, Mayne, Saturna, Pender and Salt Spring.

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Map of Things to do on the Gulf Islands

The Gulf Islands are a popular vacation destination - especially in the summer months. The rural atmosphere along with a creative populace embraces a unique collection of places to visit including wineries, farms, artisans, markets and more. Annual festivals are also a big draw to the Islands as well as it's surrounding ocean waters which allow for easy access for visitors and locals alike.

Gabriola Island is located to the far north of the Southern Gulf Islands range. Accessible from Nanaimo via Ferry, the community is a home to many artisans (it is referred to as Island of the Arts). As well as a small town and several parks, the Island also hosts many festivals throughout the year.

Salt Spring Island is the largest of the Southern Gulf Islands and also has the largest populace. Visitors to the Island enjoy the region's abundant sunlight and collection of farms, vineyards, quaint villages and beautiful coastline. The Island also contains several provincial parks and three ferry terminals in Vesuvius, Long Harbour and Fulford.

Pender Island consists of two separate islands connected by a one lane bridge - North Pender and South Pender. A popular vacation destination, Pender Island offers resorts, golfing and beaches (Pender has the most public beach access points of any of the Gulf Islands). As well, the Island is part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

Also part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Saturna Island is the most sparsely populated of the Gulf Islands. Visitors come to enjoy the natural beauty of the region which includes boating, cycling, hiking and wildlife watching.

Mayne Island offers a laid back atmosphere with plenty of nature. Flowers, birds and sea creatures are abundant in the area. Many outdoor activities bring visitors to its shores. The south-east tip of Mayne Island is part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

Galiano Island is very wide and narrow - it's unique geography doesn't end there as there are several sandstone caves on the west side of the Island. The Island has several parks and beaches (it's most notable: Shell Beach). Galiano also encourages visitors to explore by bike rather than by car in accordance to the environmental values of it's residents.

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Ruckle Provincial Park

Ruckle Provincial Park and Ruckle Farm offer a spectacular place to enjoy beautiful landscapes of Garry oak meadows, temperate forests, wetlands, rocky coastline and farmland.

Mount Maxwell Provincial Park

Mount Maxwell Provincial Park and within it, Baynes Peak, offers a spectacular view of Salt Spring Island, the Southern Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia along with unique flora and fauna.

Brooks Point Regional Park

Explore Brooks Point Regional Park, located on South Pender Island encompassing coastal shoreline, grassy meadows, wetlands and woodlands as well as rare and endangered Garry Oak, Chocolate Lilies and Sharp-tailed Snakes.