Hell's Gate Airtram, British Columbia

Visitors can either climb up and down the canyon to access the village at Hell's Gate in British Columbia on the edge of the Fraser Village or can take the scenic Airtram which takes twenty-five people on a one minute journey up and down the canyon and across the raging waters of the Fraser River below. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

Hell's Gate Airtram crossing over the Fraser River 52 kilometres north of British Columbia.





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Cost of Hell's Gate Airtram along Highway 1, British Columbia Cost of Hell's Gate Airtram along Highway 1, British Columbia Cost of Hell's Gate Airtram along Highway 1, British Columbia

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Situated in the Fraser River canyon, the daunting Hell's Gate was described as such by explorer Simon Fraser during his journey along the river in 1808. Today, this section of British Columbia is far easier to pass through thanks to the roads high above the canyon and the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway below, however, Hell's Gate and its awe-inspiring narrow canyon continue to stun visitors as they descend into the 'Gates of Hell' via its bright red Airtram. Explore exhibits, shops, bridges and more at the bottom of the canyon, learn about the regions history and enjoy spectacular views at Hell's Gates!

First described and named for Simon Fraser's journal entry (which said of this section of the Fraser River: "surely this is the gate of hell"), the Hell's Gate section of the Fraser River - located between Hope and Boston Bar - has been a source of both suffering and of awe for over two hundred years. The mighty Fraser River narrows in this section of the steep canyon and created an obstacle for many explorers and gold miners during the early years of British Columbia. Today, significant road improvements make the canyon a comfortable and scenic drive, however, remnants of the dangers once faced by early settlers remain and can be visited at the Hell's Gate attraction.

Hell's Gate's journey begins on a precipice high above the Fraser River. At highway level, visitors can take one of two routes down, a steep hiking trail, or, the more preferable route, the airtram. Opened in 1971, these small airtrams can fit twenty-five people and take only one minute to reach the Fraser River level. A small village offers a fudge shop, gift shop, cafe, gold panning and fisheries exhibit to explore. There is also a suspension bridge which crosses the Fraser River which connects to the trail, offering spectacular views of the river, tram and canyon.

Visitors can learn about the large fishway at the Fisheries Exhibit which is one of the most noticeable features of Hell's Gate. Built in 1944, the fishway was an integral addition to this narrow gorge whose water flow was irreparably altered by a rock slide during the construction of the Canadian National Railway in 1913. Inside this museum, visitors can see movies, old photos and learn about the Fraser River and its Salmon.

Some of Hell's Gate's most famous residents are its spirits: Edward haunts near the gold panning station, the smoking man in the restaurant, the Asian spirit on the observation decks and the lady behind the gift shop door. A stove is also reported to be controlled by the spirit of its cook who worked there during the construction of the railroad.

An interesting historical adventure for all ages, Hell's Gate provides the opportunity to learn about the perils faced by British Columbia's early explorers, settlers and salmon while offers spectacular views of the canyon from the lower terminal, airtram and highway level. Don't miss some of Hell's Gate's annual events such as Canyon Appreciation Day (May), the River Regatta (May) and the Pumpkin Drop (October)!

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Washed away many times by rising river levels and providing a means of transportation across British Columbia's Hell's Gate, the suspension bridge offers visitors the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the early railroad builders and to enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding canyon, the village, airtram, river and fishways.
From the observation decks at Hell's Gate in British Columbia, visitors can see the work done to the region over the last 100 years including the CPR tunnel which was built into the side of the mountain and is still used often, the river, the airtram taking passengers up and down and the fishways project which helps Salmon spawn upstream, away from the turbulent waters of Hell's Gate.
Frequent visitors along the Fraser River are the many trains which are making the journey from Northern British Columbia (and Canada) to the sea ports of Vancouver. Visitors to Hell's Gate can often spot hundred car trains snaking around the Fraser Canyon en route to their destinations from either the north or the south.
From above, the small group of buildings which make up the lower section of the Hell's Gate attraction in British Columbia look tiny compared to the rushing river and endless forests below. Only a one minute ride down on the Airtram, visitors can enjoy awe-inspiring views of the surrounding canyon and experience the history of this small section of river which was problematic for many early explorers and settlers.
The lower terminal of the Hell's Gate attraction is the end of the line for the Hell's Gate Airtram in British Columbia. Here, visitors can grab a bite to eat, check out exhibits, wander onto the observation decks and enjoy the views, gold pan and also access the suspension bridge. The lower village is also home to Hell's Gate's most unique residents, its four ghosts.
Built in 1970 and opened to the public in 1971, the Hell's Gate Airtrams, located 52 kilometres north of Hope, offer a one minute ride down to the Fraser River below with spectacular views of the Fraser River's most dangerous locale, Hell's Gate.

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Hells Gate Airtram is located 52 Kilometres North of Hope

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