Interior Hiking Trails, Stanley Park

Barred Owls are some of the many creatures that can be spotted in Vancouver, British Columbia's urban forest, Stanley Park. The interior hiking trails offer tree lined trails which are hunting grounds for species such as coyotes, woodpeckers, bats and owls such as this Barred Owl, a longtime Stanley Park resident. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Observant hikers in Stanley Park can see many interesting creatures such as this Barred Owl.





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Stanley Park is best known for its nine kilometre seawall trail beginning at Coal Harbour and winding its way along the shoreline and out of the Park in Vancouver’s West End. It’s less used interior hiking trails however are some of its finest, taking visitors through old growth forests, fields and historic sections of the Park and up to Prospect Point – the Park’s highest viewpoint. These trails are fun and interesting to explore with art pieces along the pathways, hiking paths, shared hiking and biking trails and the ability to explore the inside of this amazing 1000 acre park.

With dozens of trails criss-crossing Stanley Park, the ability to explore one of North America's biggest urban Parks is an amazing experience walking beside old growth trees, sections of the forest just beginning to recover from the devastation of the 2006 Windstorms, and past calm lakes and up to the Park's highest viewpoint - Prospect Point.

There are over 27 kilometres of trails outside of the Seawall in Stanley Park, the trails wind through just about every attraction in Stanley Park from the Vancouver Aquarium to the Lost Lagoon. Park maps are available at the tourism information booth near the Painter's Circle in Stanley Park (on the Coal Harbour side of the Park) and billboards with the map on them are available throughout the Park.
Or, a copy of the Park Map can be found at the Vancouver Park Board Website

The trails are classified under hiking only; biking only; or shared bike/hike trails. It is advisable to decide your route beforehand - especially if you are cycling. The Lost Lagoon Trail is strictly hiking only as there are many animals which live in the lake and it is dangerous to them for cyclists to be riding on the narrow pathways which are located directly on the shores of the lagoon- especially in spring when cygnets, goslings and ducklings sometimes wander onto the path.

Some of the points of interest on the interior trails that should not be missed are: Beaver Lake which is a calm and peaceful body of water located in the Park with many animals and plant species; the equestrian/pedestrian bridge going over the Stanley Park Causeway at Squirrel/Lake Trail - horseback policemen and even local riders clubs use this bridge to get from one side of the Park to the other (plus the view of the Causeway is quite interesting); the Seven Sisters on the Lovers Walk trail - a group of trees that used to be large attractions in the park but were but down for safety reasons - you can still see the stumps and read about them; and finally, the Siwash Rock/Merilees Trail which takes hikers to a viewpoint above Siwash Rock.

Although it would take longer than a day to explore all the trails in Stanley Park, it is definitely a worthwhile experience to see the old growth trees, the lakes, the animals and to enjoy the quiet natural beauty of Stanley Park. It is also advisable to hike with friends and not alone.

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The interior hiking trails of Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia are interesting to explore leading to lakes, interesting stands of trees and alongside the destruction from the 2006 Windstorm.
Stanley Park located in Vancouver, British Columbia has several kilometres of trails and a few lakes in its interior. Many creeks also wind their ways through the park, alongside the many trails used by hikers exploring. Some creeks are also salmon habitats such as this one that leads to the hatchery near the Aquarium.
The Ravine Trail located from the northern edge of the Stanley Park Seawall in Vancouver, British Columbia takes visitors through the stone underpass and onto the interior hiking trails leading to many of the area's famed attractions and along creeks and to the interior's two lakes, connecting to the many other trails throughout the Park.
Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia is dissected by the Stanley Park Causeway which can be crossed at the top, bottom and midway over the equestrian-pedestrian which is a shared bridge for hikers and horses that go along the interior hiking trails - the horses part of the mounted police squad and for those owned by riders of associations affiliated with the Park.
The interior trails in Vancouver, British Columbia's Stanley Park are filled with hidden gems - some more apparent than others. Artists sometimes go through the park making interesting art pieces which hikers can see. Ranging from highlighted root systems pulled from the windstorm or this alligator - there are dozens of interesting things to see in the Park's interior.

Location of Interior Hiking Trails

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The interior hiking trails criss cross Stanley Park leaving to a variety of areas around the Park.
Stanley Park

Map of Stanley Park

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