Large Volume of Water, Cleveland Dam, North Vancouver

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In the spring, Cleveland Dam has its highest output of water to keep its levels from overflowing. Large volumes of water spill down the concrete Dam and into the Capilano River, winding through the canyon and eventually into the ocean.

Depending on the weather, the water flow from the dam can either be large or low - spring ushers in large volumes of water being released from the dam, while in the summer and fall, it is remarkably less. This amazing dam provides 40% of the drinking water for all of Vancouver and between its scenic mountain views and amazing canyon, is a great place to take in some of the more unique sights on the dividing line between North and West Vancouver. The Dam can be viewed from the roadway at its top and downwards through the stair system that takes you to Capilano Regional Park. In the Park there is also an observation platform you can see the Cleveland Dam as well.

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