The Raven and the First Men carving, Museum of Anthropology

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One of the most famous carvings in the Museum of Anthropology, "The Raven and the First Men". Also seen on the back of the Canadian twenty dollar bill.

"The Raven and the First Men" epitomizes the story of how the large black bird coaxed the men out of the clamshell. This amazing piece of art rests in a large open area, unobstructed by other art pieces - to be admired on its own for the beauty it captures through the story it tells and the importance of these figures to the native tribes which tell them. Most Canadians (and visitors) will recognize this artwork as the image on the back of the twenty dollar bill. This amazing art piece carved from a solid piece of yellow cedar, a traditional material in First Nations tribes is a stunning testament to the culture of the West Coast natives.

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