Indian Arm & Provincial Park

Part of the Buntzen Power Project, these old BC Power Plants fed from lakes above Indian Arm near North Vancouver, British Columbia are unique points of interest along this waterway. Visitors can view the plants from the waters edge and see the old plants - one of which is still in use today. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Old Hydro Plant on the shores of Indian Arm cannot be visited, however visitors can view this plant dating from 1903 from the water.





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Located North-East of Downtown Vancouver, starting at the end of the Burrard Inlet at the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge is Indian Arm, a large salt-water fjord carved into the mountains during the last ice age. On the shores of several cities in the Greater Vancouver Region as well as encompassing Indian Arm Provincial Park, Indian Arm is a popular boating area rich with wildlife, forests and pristine waterfalls and dozens of interesting parks and places to visit and see on a day trip or even overnight.

Indian Arm stretching from the Burrard Inlet with its shores winding along North Vancouver, Belcarra, Burnaby and Port Moody is a remnant of the last ice age which carved this salt water fjord into the landscape. Extending twenty kilometres into the mountainous wilderness, Indian Arm is only accessibly fully by boat or foot via a hiking trail built in 2003 which goes around the perimeter of Indian Arm.

The whole of Indian Arm offers fantastic views of the forests, mountainsides and local attractions that are not visible from shore. Visitors to Vancouver can rent boats from Granville Island, Coal Harbour, Horseshoe Bay and North Vancouver (kayaks and canoes in Deep Cove and power boats near Lonsdale Quay).

Indian Arm consists of the fjord as well as Indian Arm Provincial Park which encompasses its northern arm. This is the only area which supports campgrounds found at Bishop Creek, Granite Falls and Twin Islands. The Park also encompasses Raccoon Island which is difficult to access due to its steep, rocky shore. The Park is popular with kayakers, canoeists and power boaters which offers access to many points of interest such as the three main waterfalls - Granite Falls, Spray of Pearls Falls and Silver Falls - as well as the Buntzen Power Project with several old power stations dating back to 1903 which sit along the shoreline. Wigwam Inn at the northern end of the Park was built as a fishing resort in 1910 is now owned and operated by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. Although not accessible to the public, it is still a fascinating building located across from Granite Falls.

Indian Arm is also rich with wildlife. The shorelines have dozens of seals, sea otters and sea creatures such as starfish and crabs just below its surface. Crabbing is a popular activity at many of the parks along the shores of Indian Arm such as Cates Park in Deep Cove, Belcarra Regional Park in Belcarra and Barnet Beach Park in Burnaby. Bald Eagles, Herons and Black Bears can be spotted along the shorelines - especially during the salmon run. Cougars also frequent the area but are more difficult to spot.

With its beautiful panoramic views, points of interest along its shorelines and winding shorelines, it is unsurprising that Indian Arm is a popular destination throughout the year.

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Granite Falls at the northern end of Indian Arm located near North Vancouver, British Columbia is a popular overnight stop or day trip for boaters. The cold waterfalls are a fun place to climb and explore with rocky shores and cold waters for a quick dip or just to put your feet in. Camping is avaliable on the grassy shores near the boat dock on Indian Arm.
As the only way to get around Indian arm on the shores of North Vancouver, British Columbia is by boat, is is not uncommon to see dozens of seals on the shorelines of frolicking in its waters due to its secluded nature. Visitors should keep an eye on the shore to spot these elusive sea creatures which can blend in due to their patterned coats.
Indian Arm along the shores of North Vancouver, Port Moody, Burnaby and Belcarra in British Columbia offers waterfalls, a park, various sea creatures and a popular boating area which is popular throughout the year.

Location of Indian Arm & Indian Arm Provincial Park

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Stretching from the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge, past Deep Cove and to the Waterfall at its end

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