Iona Beach Regional Park, Richmond

Iona Beach Regional Park in Richmond, British Columbia offers over 20 kilometres of beach along Richmond's north-western edge. Located alongside the northern arm of the Fraser River, the Park's beaches have become shallow due to the deposits of silt from the river. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The mudflats of Iona Beach Regional Park are shallow due to the deposits of silt from the adjoining northern arm of the Fraser River.





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With long stretches of sandy shores, grassy beaches, marshes and panoramic views, Iona Beach Regional Park is one of Richmond's most unique Park's, offering bird watching, walking, biking, the four kilometre long jetty and stargazing. A popular year round locale, the windswept beaches and mudflats are an ideal place to explore Richmond's diverse landscapes.

Piled high with driftwood along long stretches of silty sands, mudflats, shrubs, march and ponds and dozens of varieties of birds, Iona Beach Regional Park - far from the city - is an interesting place to explore alongside Vancouver's International Airport.

Located on the north-western edge of the city of Richmond, the Park offers a variety of ecosystem niches within its boundaries. The beaches at the waters edge are rich with silt deposits from the northern arm of the Fraser River leaving shallow mudflats and sandy shores along the Park's 20kms of waterfront. Beyond the driftwood of the upper beaches grass species dominate with sporadic marshy areas. Trails and boardwalks wind through small bushes along Iona Beach's eastern edge.

A bird watchers paradise, it is not uncommon to see a variety of birds such as Eagles, Great Blue Herons, Osprey and smaller species as well as waterloving ducks and sandpipers. The unique setting of this treeless park located far from the city limits offers magnificent night sky views - the GVRD often offers stargazing events but locals and visitors can come anytime of the year if they are prepared with blankets and a flashlight.

One of the Iona Beach Regional Park's most interesting areas are the jetties (spits) which are man-made 'docks' going toward the ocean. The most popular is a four kilometre westward path along a gravel and rock strewn trail. Leading to a lookout point, the jetty offers beautiful views of the Park, airport and Vancouver Island. Visitors to Iona Beach can walk or cycle the jetty.

With a variety of activities and natural areas to enjoy as well as the panoramic views of the mountains, ocean and coastline, Iona Beach Regional Park is one of the more unique Parks to visit in the Vancouver region.

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Iona Beach Regional Park, on the north-western edge of Richmond, British Columbia offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of ecosystems such as sandy, driftwood covered beaches, grassy dunes and marshes filled with a variety of birds and animals.
Richmond, British Columbia's Iona Beach Regional Park offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, oceans and sandy shores, and westward, the peaks of nearby Vancouver Island and the boats and ferries travelling between mainland and island.
Iona Regional Park in Richmond, British Columbia offers a variety of pathways for people to walk or bike through the Park. Boardwalks lining the marshy areas are ideal for birdwatchers watching nesting waterfowl or enjoying the smaller species who make their homes along the cattails and small ponds.
Iona Beach Regional Park in the north-west corner of Richmond is best known for its 4km long man-made spit going into the ocean alongside the Vancouver International Airport.

Location of Iona Beach Regional Park

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At the Vancouver International Airport, take Grand McConachie Way to Templeton St. This will turn into Ferguson Rd. Travel parallel to the airport west until the end which is the parking lot for the Iona Beach Regional Park.

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