Japanese Fisherman's Statue, Richmond

Overlooking the southern arm of the Fraser River and the Village of Steveston, British Columbia, the Japanese Fisherman's Statue commemorates the one hundred and twenty five years of hard work undertaken by Japanese immigrants and their contribution to the British Columbia fishing industry. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

The Japanese Fisherman's Statue overlooks the Village of Steveston, British Columbia, and its fleet of fishing boats found along the south arm of the Fraser River.





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Overlooking the Fraser River, a lone bronze statue watches over the fishing boats moving in and out of Steveston's safe harbour gathering the days catch - some fishermen on those ships descendants from the original Japanese immigrants who came over 125 years ago and were an integral part of creating British Columbia's expanding fishing and canning industries. This statue commemorates the Japanese Fishermen who worked and still work in this industry and who helped build Canada's West Coast fishing industry.

Sitting on the edge of a wooden boardwalk, not far from the Britannia Heritage Shipyard, The Japanese Fisherman statue is of a hunched over man with a fish and apron, a depiction of one of hundreds of Japanese Fishermen who worked the shores, boats and buildings of Steveston. Facing toward the west and alongside the Fraser River which leads to the ocean, the statue is a place to honour those Japanese who worked in the region.

The plaque below the Fisherman's Statue reads:

This statue is dedicated to the pioneering Japanese Fishermen and the generations that followed for their contributions to the Fishing Industry and British Columbia.
Erected on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the arrival of the first Japanese to Canada, this statue commemorates the spirit of these fishermen and the legacy of their courage, perseverance, leadership and accomplishments
September 20, 2002

Celebrating the original Japanese immigrants who brought invaluable skills and knowledge to the trade and worked every job - this beautiful work of art is a means to honour the contributions of the Japanese to the Richmond region.

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The Japanese Fisherman's Statue in Steveston, British Columbia sits on the southern arm of the Fraser River overlooking the village and delta toward the Pacific Ocean where the fishermen make their livelihood.
On the edge of a wooden boardwalk in Steveston Village in Richmond, British Columbia is the Japanese Fisherman's Statue overlooking Fraser River and the nearby Britannia Shipyard with its stilt structures which represent the shipyards necessary to repair and built new fishing boats.
The plaque on the Japanese Fisherman's Statue with both Japanese characters and an English commemoration to the Japanese immigrants who helped build the British Columbia fishing industry.

Location of Japanese Fisherman's Statue

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From the parking lot on Railway Ave. walk south to the boardwalk and then westward to its edge, the Statue faces the mouth of the Fraser River.

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