Kuno Japanese Garden, Steveston

The Kuno Japanese Gardens in Steveston, British Columbia offer visitors an opportunity to embrace the Village's rich history through its dedications to its citizens. Celebrating the first immigrant from Mihama Village in Wakayama, Japan, the traditional gardens are an interesting experience for all ages. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

The Kuno Japanese Garden offers visitors the opportunity to stroll alongside the Fraser River through groomed gardens and past iconic images of the Japanese culture.





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Commemorating one hundred years of immigration between Mihama Village in Wakayama, Japan, and British Columbia, the Kuno Japanese Garden offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the traditional dry-pond garden and the elements which brought thousands of Japanese to Canada's shores - the rich fishing industry seen in the nearby Fraser River as well as the buildings of the cannery and shipyard in the distance. A small, but beautiful garden, visitors can enjoy the serene beauty while taking in the small town charm from neighbouring Steveston.

Designed and planted in 1988, the Kuno Japanese Gardens on the southern edge of Steveston's Garry Point Park offers visitors the opportunity to walk along carefully planned pathways, a rock garden, sculpted trees and bushes and among culturally significant lanterns and other Japanese elements.

Named for a local fisherman, Gihei Kuno - the first immigrant from Mihama Village in Wakayama, Japan - the garden celebrates the passage of over 5,000 nationals to Canada between 1888 and 1988 and their integral role in Steveston to the fishing and canning industries.

White barked Birch trees, majestic sculpted black pines, a variety of bushes and other plants create the setting for this shoreline park. Visitors can admire the Fraser River which runs alongside the pathways or enjoy the serene beauty of this traditional dry-pond garden. The village of Steveston and its fleet of six hundred boats as well as the Gulf of Georgia Cannery can also be seen from the bridges and pathways winding through the plant beds.

A cultural experience alluding to Steveston Village's strong ties to Japan and its immigrants, the Kuno Japanese Garden is a place of reflection and beauty at the edge of Richmond.

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Designed and planted to honour the 5,000 immigrants spanning a century's time from Mihama Village in Wakayama, Japan, the Kuno Japanese Gardens in Garry Point Park on the edge of Steveston, British Columbia offers beautiful traditional elements, plants and stunning views.
Steveston Village in British Columbia was one of the largest fishing and canning industries in the region. Honouring those who toiled in the factories and on the boats as well as the immigrants, the Kuno Japanese Garden offers a place to view this bustling city while acquainting yourself with a view into its past.

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From the parking lot at Garry Point Park the Kuno Japanese Garden is at the southern edge of the Park.

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