Langley stretches from the American border to the Fraser River and is home to Fort Langley which is the Birthplace of British Columbia (BC). First settled in 1827 by traders and trappers employed by the Hudson's Bay Company who built a trading post on the edge of the Fraser River in an area now known as Derby Reach.

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Fort Langley remained an important trading post in British Columbia from 1827 to 1886 and was a hub for farming, smithing and for selling furs to Europe. During the gold rush of 1858, Fort Langley provided many of the supplies needed for miners to make their way north and for a short time, the village was made the capital of British Columbia.

After the capital of the newly formed province was moved to New Westminster which was located further down the Fraser River, Fort Langley and the surrounding region dwindled focusing on agriculture (dairy, poultry, cranberries and mushrooms are its core crops) as a main source of income for its many residents. The city's population began to grow with the addition of transportation such as the British Columbia Electric Railway in 1910, the Fraser Highway in the 1920s, the construction of the Pattullo Bridge in 1937 and finally the Trans Canada Highway in 1964.

Today, Langley is a bustling township with small businesses, agriculture and tourism as some of the major industries. Farms from the region supply crops such as different crops berries and turkeys to supermarkets across Canada and visitors can enjoy the Langley Circle Farm tour which allows people to visit the farms and see their operations. Museums focusing on flight and farming can be enjoyed but the biggest attraction in Langley continues to be Fort Langley with its old buildings, museums and festivals bringing history alive to the Birthplace of British Columbia.

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Fort Langley National Historic Site

Situated on the edge of the Fraser River, Fort Langley, a former trading post of the Hudson's Bay Company, is a Parks Canada National Historic Site and is commonly referred to as "The birthplace of British Columbia".

Fort Langley Community Hall

This beautiful two story tall white and yellow building is a popular locale in the Birthplace of British Columbia, Fort Langley. The Fort Langley Community Hall offers a beautiful facade and manicured lawn on the outside as well as a library and a ballroom / banquet hall for events on the inside.

CN Station Historic Site

The CN Station Historic Site in Fort Langley was opened as a museum in 1985 to showcase the region's rail history with two rail cars and many artifacts to explore and enjoy.

Aldor Acres Farms

Explore Aldor Acres Farms - the Dairy Farm, the Pumpkin Patch and the Christmas Tress Farm - to enjoy seasonal celebrations and to visit the farm animals!