Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

Hikers check out the namesake of Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, British Columbia is located on the most southerly shores of the Park. Visible from the along the Park's shoreline the lighthouse is off limits to visitors (as it is still functioning) but can be spotted from many points along the shore and from hiking trails. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Lighthouse Park's shoreline offers views toward the Lighthouse which is still in operation today as well as the City of Vancouver.





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Lighthouse Park located in West Vancouver is only shoreline park with uncut coastal forests lining the Burrard Inlet. Encompassing rare old growth trees and a still functioning lighthouse, the park has many interesting and informative hikes and amazing forest and coastal views to enjoy and explore.

Lighthouse Park, situated in stunning West Vancouver is one of the premier sea level parks on the northern shore. Encompassing 185 acres of land, this park is only identified on the main road by a rugged wood carved sign.

Its namesake, the lighthouse that sits at the end of Point Atkinson, was built in 1875 to indicate the shoreline to the ships coming into English Bay. The lighthouse is still in operation and is still inhabited - be sure to not trespass on private property when in the park. Point Atkinson is the southern most point of the park and consists of granite boulders which was charted and named by Captain George Vancouver in 1752 whom the City of Vancouver was named for. In recognition of the importance of the site it was named a Canadian National Historic Site and is protected.

Starboat Cove on the Park's rocky coastline is a fun place to explore. Throughout the year adventurous hikers can be seen looking for shells, small crabs and other sea creatures in the many tide pools during low tide.

Although the rugged shores are enticing to many, it is the stunning temperate forests which amaze visitors to the park which contains the regions largest uncut coastal elevation forest, with first growth Douglas Fir, as well as impressive Western Red Cedar and Western Hemlock that have shot up to dizzying heights. The park also encompasses old summer camp buildings which are not open to the public but are interesting in design and location.

The walking paths can be steep and narrow, therefore biking is not permitted in the park (see a trail map here). These pathways can be both slippery and steep so be prepared with proper footwear such as hiking boots to ensure your safety.

Lighthouse Park is one of the most awe inspiring sights in West Vancouver with its 500 year old trees, comprising mostly of Old Growth forest. Easily accessible by car or public transit, and including five kilometers of trails, this park shows what the region looked like prior to settlement (as it contains the only coastal forest in West Vancouver) and also offers amazing views of Downtown Vancouver, English Bay and the suburbs of the City.

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The temperate rain forest is one of the most interesting elements of Lighthouse Park as it is the region's largest uncut coastal elevation forest. Visitors can take trails which wind along Douglas Firs, Western Red Cedars (British Columbia's Provincial Tee) and Western Hemlocks.
This lighthouse was photographed at sunset on a summer day at Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver on the rocky shore of Point Atkinson. The sky was a mixture of purple, red and orange hues and the lighthouse light had yet to be turned on.
Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, British Columbia has several kilometres of coastline surrounding its forest which offers hikers views of English Bay, the Strait of Georgia and the City of Vancouver (as well as Vancouver Island on especially clear days and is accessible throughout the year.
At the bottom of Starboat Cove at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, the many large rocks smoothed by the ocean tides have created many tide pools harbouring an abundance of life. Beyond, the city of Vancouver and adjoining Stanley Park.
Found in West Vancouver's Lighthouse Park, Starboat Cove with its rocky shores is a popular place to spot boaters, ocean life and observe the happenings in and around the Park. This small area is a beautiful place to view the lighthouse from a lower angle or watch the sun set.
Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, British Columbia offers coastal forests and high cliffs which have panoramic views of the many islands, homes in the area and English Bay.
Lighthouse Park is a beautiful and scenic area to visit, encompassing some of the oldest coastal elevation trees and one of the oldest lighthouses in the area, keeping ships from hitting the shores of West Vancouver.

Location of Lighthouse Park

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Lighthouse Park is located on Marine Drive, take it untill you reach Beacon Lane, it will have a carved sign indicating the Park. Take the road south to the end untill you reach the parking lot.

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