Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver

The Lions Gate Bridge is one of Vancouver's most recognizable landmarks with its green supports which are lit at night reminiscent of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. Stretching over the first narrows which separates Vancouver from the North Shore, this historic bridge allowed for vehicles to cross the Burrard Inlet overlooking the mountains. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Lions Gate Bridge stretching over first narrows is one of Vancouver's most recognizable man made landmarks.





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The Lions Gate Bridge, one of Vancouver's most famous landmarks can be seen from a wide range of areas. Whether from the tops of the mountains to underneath its massive steel construction, or traveling across its green hued roadway, the Lions Gate's mammoth size awes and amazes all who see it. Since its completion in 1948 the Bridge has been the prime transportation method to the downtown core and likewise to the North Shore and continues to be the day and night inspiration for professional and amateur photographers.

Named after the lions peak in the distant mountain range, the Lions Grate Bridge (otherwise known as the First Narrows Bridge) is one of three transportation routes into Vancouver from the North Shore (these include the Second Narrows Bridge [also called the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge] and the Seabus, a waterway route from North Vancouver to the city).

Buses, cars, bicycles and pedestrians compose of most of the traffic along this suspension bridge which consists of three lanes of traffic with a center counter flow lane. (Lion's Gate Bridge Traffic Cams)

Watching the gigantic shipping vessels all year round as well as the cruise ships in the warmer months move under the bridge is one of the most interesting views to see, whether on the bridge, in different parts of Stanley Park, such as Prospect point, or on the shores of North or West Vancouver. Listen closely for the fog horns on the boats as they are required to let boaters know they are passing through the First Narrows.

Ferry service and the Second Narrows Bridge consisted of the transportation routes between the North Shore and Central Vancouver in the 1930s when it was suggested that the first un-built narrows also have another bridge constructed for transportation from the downtown northwards. After much debate over the construction of the bridge as it runs through the popular Stanley Park, it was completed in November of 1948 with funding from the brewery company Guinness and functioned as a toll operated roadway until sold to the province of British Columbia in 1963.

The lights which have made the Lion's Gate Bridge an iconic night time landmark were added in 1986 increasing its distinction and making it one of the most recognizable landmarks of Vancouver.

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The Lion's Gate Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia stretches from Stanley Park to North Vancouver offering a means of transit for vehicles across the First Narrows.
Visitors to Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia can walk around the Seawall which stretches nine kilometres around the Park taking visitors under the city's most recognizable landmark, the Lions Gate Bridge which stretches over First Narrows to the North Shore.
The tall green hued struts which make up the iconic Lion's Gate Bridge are tall and support a strand of lights which illuminate the entire bridge during the night - Two struts make up the foundation of this suspension bridge, a popular tourist attraction in its own right.
The Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia allows walkers and cyclists the opportunity to walk each side of the bridge from Stanley Park to North and West Vancouver on the east and west sides of the Bridge with views of Stanley Park, the ocean, the cities and the boats below.

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Between Stanley Park (at the end of the causeway) to North Vancouver, stretching across Vancouver's First Narrows. This bridge is visible in many areas of Vancouver.

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