Stanley Park Nature House, Stanley Park

The Lost Lagoon Nature House found on the north-easterly side of Vancouver's Stanley Park is a well designed and expertly staffed area which offers visitors a chance to talk to park employees about the animals and nature found within Stanley Park. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

There are many displays and exhibits in the Lost Lagoon Nature House found in Stanley Park, Vancouver.



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Located in the old Boathouse building and hidden amongst the large willow trees, resting on the edge of Lost Lagoon, the Lost Lagoon Nature House strives to educate the public through hands on activities, volunteer experience, guided tours and nature walks of the intricate balance at work in Stanley Park. This small space operated by the Stanley Park ecology society is full of interesting creatures, information and on hand members who staff the centre to teach people about the Park. Children and adults alike will enjoy exploring this space as well as the activities offered, showing a different aspect of the world renowned Stanley Park.

A great addition to educating all members of the public, the Nature Centre is a small, but a well stocked and staffed building which was once a boathouse. The Nature House showcases stuffed species found within the park and is filled with interesting information and brochures. The friendly staff is there almost every day and attempt to help you with any question you may have whether you want to know about the restoration work being done within the park or what bird species you spotted in the Lagoon which is right off the edge of the dock outside the centre.

Colourful displays for all age groups show the amazing variety of species found within Stanley Park and some of their impacts on the environment, such as the beaver who cuts down the trees on the bank of the lagoon, to the bats which are found in the interior of the park and are responsible for controlling the insect populations.

There are also informational walks and bird watching excursions that are offered to the public - an updated list can always be found at the Stanley Park (Lost Lagoon) Nature House - where a staff member will take you to special places unknown to many visitors of the park.

Many free programs offered by the park are to teach the importance of having large green spaces for our enjoyment as well as for the animal species living within cities.

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The Lost Lagoon Nature House in Stanley Park, Vancouver offers a variety of activities to see the Park in a different perspective. Naturalists working to study the park have collected many specimens and donated them to the Nature House in an effort to educate visitors such as these bugs found throughout the region.
The Lost Lagoon Nature house on the eastern shores of the Lost Lagoon is located on the most western edge of Alberni Street. This hidden but well stocked nature house strives to educate visitors to the park through displays, activities and nature walks.
The Exterior of the Lost Lagoon Nature House is visible when circling the trail that leads around the shore, it is located in what was once the boathouse building for the lagoon. The outside of the Nature House has binders with information about this large Vancouver Park and the lagoon's many species.
The Lost Lagoon Nature House strives to work toward educating visitors about the various species found within the Park. Park employees have on display many items found throughout the Park including bird's eggs as a means to show the different avian species found within Stanley Park.
Nestled between large willow trees, the Lost Lagoon Nature House's bright exterior brings curious visitors to its doors to its bright and information filled interior. Along with activities and displays, the Nature House aims to educate visitors about the unique plants and wildlife that call Stanley Park home.

Location of Stanley Park Nature House

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On the eastern edge of Lost Lagoon on the lower walkways facing west
Stanley Park

Map of Stanley Park

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