Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre, North Vancouver

Filled with a range of exhibits tackling issues such as watershed contamination, pollution, logging and ecosystem emphasis on food webs, tree species, animals and other information the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre in the Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia is an interesting and informative place to visit. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Inside the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre visitors can learn about the Park and surrounding area through colourful and interactive exhibits.



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The Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre located in North Vancouver's Lynn Canyon Park is an interesting building filled with interactive displays and exhibits with information ranging from the species of flora and fauna which live in Lynn Canyon Park, to the regions history, to the natural cycles and effects that nearby humans have on Lynn Canyon Park and its watershed. Visitors can also participate in interpretative nature walks and educations programs which are offered throughout the year.

Located at the entrance of Lynn Canyon Park which is a popular North Vancouver locale which encompasses picnic areas, a ranger station, cafeteria, suspension bridge and several trails (including part of the Baden-Powell Trail which stretches from the western shore of West Vancouver to the eastern shores of North Vancouver), the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre offers a place for children and adults to learn about the Park, its flora and fauna and other interesting information.

Opened in 1971 to celebrate British Columbia's 100th birthday, the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre offers exhibits and displays inside as well as a wide range of nature programs for school trips, park visitors and for summer programs ranging in topics from guided nature walks focusing on the Park's temperate rain forest, the creatures to be found in the park such as bugs, birds and mammals outdoors as well as indoor activities with learning and arts and crafts.

The Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre is very child friendly and the interactive exhibits are built to provide information and nature themed activities for all ages. Visitors can touch antlers, look at taxidermy animals or learn about the food chains which exist in the park or the water cycle with the press of a button.

This rustic looking building is a wealth of information for visitors to the park including many examples of animal species, the effects of pollution in the city, the history of logging in the region and a well stocked gift shop which also offers information on Lynn Canyon Park. A place for all ages and interests, the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre is the perfect location to learn about the Park and surrounding nature through hands on exhibits and programs.

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The green Ecology Centre in Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the environment in the region and Park as well as interact with the many exhibits ranging from tree and animal species to how industries and how our choices affect the environment.
The Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre in Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver, British Columbia offers a look at the different types of flora and fauna in the park through detailed displays as well as models, taxidermy animals and information such as pamphlets and books.
Filled with interactive exhibits and a wide range of information on the Park's ecosystems, flora, fauna and other topics, the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre is a great place to learn about this North Vancouver, British Columbia locale.

Location of Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre

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The Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre is located in Lynn Canyon Park at the end of Peters Road.

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