Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver

Lynn Creek runs through Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia. This beautiful forested locale is dissected by the creek which runs throughout the Park and through three of its main sights - the Thirty Foot Pool at its western edge, the Suspension Bridge and Twin Falls at its eastern edge. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Lynn Creek runs through Lynn Canyon Park moving water from the upper Park at Thirty Foot Pool to under the suspension bridge and to Twin Falls at the Park's other end.





Spring, Summer, Fall


Overcast, Sunny


3 hours



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Camera, Drink, Hiking Boots

Nestled between the foot of the Cascade Mountains, Lynn Canyon Park is an attractive destination for people of all ages offering programs for children to learn about the ecosystems functioning in the Park to offering some of the best hiking in the North Shore. Whether visiting the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre, or hiking to the points of interest such as the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, Twin Falls or the Thirty Foot Pool, Lynn Canyon continues to be a fun and active place for everyone.

Lynn Canyon Park located in the upper levels of North Vancouver and surrounds Lynn Creek - encompassing over 617 acres. The park is situated in second growth forests with a majority of the trees aged around one hundred years which grew after intense logging during the 1900s in the North Vancouver region.

One of the park's most popular attractions is the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge which swings twenty stories above Lynn Creek. The bridge was built in 1912 as a passageway over the canyon when alternative route provided to difficult to navigate.

The Park caters to families using the easier hiking trails as well as those hikers who enjoy advanced trails. The Baden Powell Trail dissects Lynn Canyon, stretching from West Vancouver to North Vancouver, it cuts its way through the wilderness intermingling with many of the Parks trails and crossing over the suspension bridge. The Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre is located at the entrance o the park and offers displays, exhibits and nature programs. There is also a cafeteria not far from the nature house which offers drinks, snacks and meals.

Interesting natural phenomenon are short hikes from the Park entrance such as the Twin Falls as well as the Thirty Foot Pool where glacial water flowing from the headwaters have created a deep pool in the creek. This particular spot is popular in the warm summer months as dozens of teenagers and adults enjoy jumping from the cliff face into the creek.

Be forewarned - there have been many avoidable deaths that have occurred within the boundaries of Lynn Canyon Park. Sunbathers, daredevils jumping from the suspension bridge and miscalculating jumps into the thirty foot pool, swimmers unaware of the strength of the surrounding currents and hikers who have ventured to close to the canyon edge have perished. Be sure to take care, abide all signs, stay on the trail and keep an eye on small children.

Beautiful sunny days see the largest volume of visitors to Lynn Canyon exploring the rocks left behind after the glaciers receded during the last ice age, peering through the uprooted trees, splashing in the clear glacial creek or enjoying the surrounding temperate forest. This beautiful park will continue to be an escape from the city for decades to come.

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Visitors to Lynn Canyon Park in upper North Vancouver, British Columbia get the chance to walk across its suspension bridge which dangles high above Lynn Creek. The narrow bridge crosses over the rushing water below with hikes ranging from the Baden Powell Trail to shorter walks on the opposite side.
This older style bridge can be found by crossing the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge or taking the Twin Falls trail down a flight of stairs to the east of the main parking lot. Its construction has been worn down by constant pummelling by the water below but still provides safe travel across this portion of the trail.
Twin Falls in Lynn Canyon Park is a beautiful and peaceful space to enjoy some of the best features of the surrounding temperate forest environment. With the sound of the waterfall roaring through the canyon you can experience the falls from the small bridge, the cliff sides or along the journey to the falls. One of the less travelled hikes (the thirty foot pool is the popular trail), there is always an opportunity to pause on the many benches along the walk to enjoy the surroundings and understand the forces of nature that have created the yawning canyon that contains Lynn Creek.
Visitors to Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia can take a series of trails to the highlights in this beautiful park. Winding through forests, along creeks and down stairs, visitors to the Park can enjoy the wilderness and a variety of different pathways.
The Thirty Foot Pool in North Vancouver, British Columbia's Lynn Canyon Park is one of the most visited natural attractions in the summer months. It is not uncommon to see swimmers in the pool and brave park visitors jumping from the cliff faces into the deep waters (this is not advisable however and can be very dangerous).
The Ranger Station in Lynn Canyon Park is a newer building facilitating local materials. Housing a popular cafeteria and wide windows looking at the surrounding trees, landscaping and canyon, this Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia is beautiful place.

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